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Crystal Therapy

If you haven't done so already, I ask that you go read the Medical Disclaimer page

here before diving into the information about crystal therapy.

Sometimes it seems like there are almost as many ways to use crystals to clear, balance,

and heal our chakras and auras as there are crystals in the world. These methods range

from the very simple to the extremely complicated and from free to quite expensive. 

Some of them can be done at home with little to no training, while others take more

time, in-depth study and practice to master them.


I just wanted to take a little space here to discuss a few simple methods you can use at home. We will eventually see some of the more extensive methods in the Crystal Healing Course, but for now, I just wanted to keep it uncomplicated.


Method one:  If I had to recommend just one practice, it would be to regularly clear

your chakras. This one action can do more to improve your life than a myriad of others

put together. It is, after all, the blockages in our energy field and/or body that causes

so many of the other issues we experience.


To clear your chakras, I suggest using a crystal or crystals most known for clearing, absorbing or dispelling energy, not the stones typically associated with each chakra. 

The reason is that the stones associated with each particular chakra are used to entrain

the energy back to its original purpose after it is cleared. While these stones may have

mild clearing abilities, this is not their main purpose and wouldn’t do as thorough

a job as a clearing stone.


As you can see in the picture above, the crystals I recommend most often for clearing
are as follows (you can read about the properties of each on the Crystals A - Z page):


  • Calcite 


  • Smoky Quartz

  • Shungite


  • Black Tourmaline


NoteA lot of people use nothing but Clear Quartz to clear chakras and auras.
And based on its abilities, that is perfectly fine. They will absolutely work for that purpose.


But here’s the caution: Clear Quartz vibrates at the highest frequencies. It is well known
for amplifying other energies aroun
d it, which is part of the reason it is who it is. But there are some people who 
are very sensitive to this vibration. Too much of it can make them edgy, bring on headaches, or simply make them uncomfortable. For these people,
Clear Quartz would not be the best choice for clearing the chakras. In these cases, a milder stone (like any of the others on my list) would be a better choice.


A work-around, if you will, is to use Tourmalated Quartz. As described on the Crystals

A – Z page, Tourmalated Quartz is exactly what it sounds like, part Black Tourmaline

and part Quartz. The Black Tourmaline acts as a ground for the high energy of the

Quartz, making it much more tolerable for sensitive people and yet, just as effective.

Method 1

Clearing your chakras

Chakra Placement 1.jpg

So now you have your clearing crystals. What should you do with them? 


Lay down somewhere comfortable (you’ll actually be sitting at first). Floor, sofa,
bed, etc. Be sure you’re relaxed and comfy; you do not want to be distracted because

of pangs in your back or tingly legs. Be sure you won’t be interrupted. Place each of

the stones on one of your chakras starting with the Root Chakra. 


  • If you have clearing stones that also match the chakra colors, such as with Calcite, place the appropriate color on the appropriate chakra. 


  • If you’re using just one kind of stone, place one on each of the seven chakras.


Next, lie back comfortably and close your eyes. If you’d like, you can put an eye covering over your eyes (I like the lavender-filled eye pillows). Try to relax and clear your mind.
If you know how to meditate, you can do that here. If you know a relaxing visualization,
you can do that as well. But do try to keep your mind as clear as possible. Stay in this position for at least 10 minutes.


healing pool 2.jpg

Lastly, come out of the meditation or visualization slowly and make sure you’re fully back

on the conscious plane. Taking a sip of water or shaking your hands or arms is one way

to ensure you’re fully back.  


      Take the crystals and thank them for their assistance. Immediately take them

to be cleared of all that negative energy they absorbed. Do not let them just sit with

that energy. It could do them harm if left inside of them.  


Chakra Placement 2.jpg

Method 2 

Rebalancing your chakras

Method Two: The second method is not so much a different method as an additional process that can be added after the clearing method. This approach consists of

rebalancing the chakras and returning them to their usual spin and frequency. 


As a rule, you should have cleared your chakras and auric field first using the first method. 

If you skip the clearing phase, it’s a bit like washing your dishes with dirty water. 

Meaning, any negative energy that is in your system will just get stirred around a bit and
will still be interfering with the correct functioning of the chakras.


For this method, I recommend using stones that align with each chakra (see the page

called “Crystal Connections” for descriptions of appropriate stones for each chakra). 

I have found through experience that I have the best results when I use these crystals. 

You can also use just one type of stone like Clear Quartz, but again I caution those

people who are very sensitive to the higher vibrating crystals. 


You’re probably already in the comfortable place you were for the first method. 

The stones you need for this phase should be close by.


  • Starting with the Earth Star Chakra, place the appropriate color on the
    appropriate chakra. 


  • If you’re using just one kind of stone, place one on each of the nine chakras.


Note:  Yes, I know that you caught that in this method I am using the Earth Star and

Soul Star Chakras. That’s because even though they didn’t need clearing, you’re now intending to reset your entire energy field. To me, while those chakras don’t necessarily need resetting individually, I feel it makes more sense to work with the entire energy

field (including the bridges) during the resetting phase so that everything is in sync.


Next, lie back comfortably and close your eyes. As with Method 1, try to relax. Meditate,
do a visualization, even use a mantra if you like. Just try to keep your mind clear of
mundane chatter and thoughts.

Stay in this position for at least 10 minutes.


Lastly, come out of meditation or visualization slowly and make sure you’re fully back on
the conscious plane. Taking a sip of water or shaking your hands or arms is one way to ensure you’re fully back.  


      Take the crystals and thank them again for their assistance. Now, take all of the crystals from both phases (if you performed both) to be cleared of any negative energy they absorbed. Do not let them just sit with negative energy.   

Super You.jpg

Comments: While these two methods may seem simple, do not underestimate their

power. If you perform this clearing and charging practice once a week or once every

other week, you will be amazed at how much better you’ll feel, how much clearer your

mind will be, and how much more positive things will seem to be in your life.

Some people seem to feel that the more complicated an action the more powerful it is.
That is not always (or even more frequently) the truth.  Complicated things are generally

just more complicated.  


If at some point you find that you’re interested in deeper (or more complicated)

methods, or want to get into energy healing for other people, hang tight. I will be
offering a Crystal Healing Course soon. Sign up for my newsletter (I never spam) and
you'll be notified as soon as it happens. 


Notes:  I wanted to make a few comments about the size of the crystals as well as how

many crystals to use. 


For both of the methods above, a large tumbled stone, like a palm stone or gallet size works well. You would use about the same size if using a rough stone, which is what I do with calcite. Any larger and the stones could be uncomfortable on your body, which

could cause you to be quite distracted. Remember, larger stones don’t necessarily do a better job. There’s no need to weigh yourself down with boulders (See picture below).

No, really.  I'm okay.  I just can't breathe!

gigantic stone.jpg

While I described in the methods above that I use just one stone on each chakra, I know some people have seen pictures on websites or may have even taken a course and know that some people use a large number of stones when working with or healing with crystals. 
I am not going to say it’s wrong because certain schools may have very particular layouts that require a lot of stones. 


Having said that, more is not always better. I’ll talk more about this in the crystal gridding section of the website, but there is a point (and it’s not a high number) where a lot of

stones just interfere with each other. The key to working successfully with crystals is to choose the right combination of stones that will work well together and/or amplify or complement each other. It is simply not useful or better to use a thousand crystals

(Again, see picture below).

too many4.jpg

There's such a thing

as overkill!

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