SKU: PS-1023-sm

This lovely little Lepidolite stone is approximately 1 1/4" long by almost 3/4" wide.


The shape is irregular with three sides, each a sort of teardrop shape.


See full description below.

  • Full Description

    Lepidolite contains the mineral Lithium which is why it is said to be calming and soothing and helpful in releasing stress, fear and anxiety.  In addition, Lepidolite is associated with an ability to ease depression and lighten any heaviness in the heart. It is a stone of acceptance and trust, and is often used to curb or eliminate obsessive thoughts and addictive tendencies and to gently move us through the transition (any transition) to a healthier more balanced and optimistic state.  Lepidolite is known to clear out all of the old worn-out messages and voices from the past  that hold us back from happiness and success. It aids us in attracting supportive friends and colleagues, and gives us the ability to be a good friend as well. For those living in particularly stressful environments, Lepidolite can enhance our ability to maintain a calm and serene center.


    Note: Remember, stones and crystals are a product of nature. Inclusions, small nicks and matter within the stone are all normal and do not affect the stone's vibration.