Sterling Silver Spiral Pendant

Sterling Silver Spiral Pendant

SKU: JW-1006-MP-SS-RD-a

This amazing Sterling Silver Spiral pendant is just the right size for wearing everyday.  Wearing this pendant allows you to carry the vibration of this sacred geometric symbol. Gorgeously made. 


This pendant measures approximately 1" long by 5/8" wide. The metal is Sterling Silver.


This pendant does not come with a chain.

  • Full Description

    As one of the principle templates for creation, the Spiral can symbolize the path leading from outer consciousness (the material plane, external awareness, ego, etc.) to the inner soul (enlightenment, unity, one-ness, etc.). Or conversely, the spiral can represent the blossoming of one’s consciousness from the singular focused point of birth or sense of separateness through the expansion of one’s spirituality and recognition of the connection/unity of all things in the universe. The Spiral can also denote the journey or evolution of life for both the planet, represented by the seasons, as well as for humans, reflected in the cycles of birth, growth, death and reincarnation.  In both instances, with each complete turn, either the collective consciousness or one’s own consciousness shifts to a higher level symbolizing experience (evolution), awakening, and wisdom (one would hope).