Crystal Connections

If you remember from the conversation about the science of crystals, the vibration of

each crystal is a result of its chemical composition; how many atoms of each type of element the crystal contains as well as how those elements are arranged. In addition, the environment in which the crystal grows moderately affects the final product as well.


While I found that the structure or the crystal lattice as it is called (how the atoms are arranged within a crystal) may have a mild influence over the larger grouping of crystals

in each category, the chemical composition has the most direct impact on the vibration

of individual crystal types (e.g., all amethysts).


It might help to put that another way. 


For those of you who may be familiar with astrology, the planets of Neptune and Pluto

have a “generational” influence only in a person’s birth chart and not an individual influence.  Lattice structure is similar in that it has a “family” influence (family meaning larger categories), but less influence on the individual crystal types such as amethyst,

tiger’s eye, and so forth.  For this reason, I tend not to include the lattice structure in

my descriptions of each type of crystal because it’s just not significant. 

little girl holding her father's legs be

Note: Some time ago, I did extensive research into the lattice structure of crystals because

I thought there was something important there. Suffice it to say I found lattice structure

to have virtually no impact on a particular crystal’s meaning (other than the information provided above). What I did discover was that it was massively important to their
vibrational power that crystals have an internal geometric structure; and it was much
less imperative that it had a specific geometric shape (since the same type of crystal
can have a different internal structure depending on where it formed, etc.)

I found that other factors played much more heavily into the vibrations of each type of crystal, and so along with my personal experiences with crystals (meditating, etc.), the following is what I used to develop 
my descriptions/meanings.


 Color: The proof isn’t just in the visual light spectrum (i.e., that colors vibrate at certain frequencies). We have found through additional studies on the topic that the vibration

of various colors can have a significant effect on people.  In fact, these studies proved

the point so well that color has strongly influenced industries such as interior design, fashion, marketing, and even nutrition.  Psychologists have used color in treating psychological disorders, restaurants use colors to entice people to feel hungry and eat,

and energy healers often use color in their particular therapies as well. 


I could go on, but I think it’s safe to say that humans believe in the principle of color vibration!

Light Spectrum.jpg

One of the physical properties that results from the chemical makeup of a crystal is the color.  While there are crystals that come in a variety of hues, most crystals can be

identified almost immediately because of their color and sometimes because of the

visual effect of light and the color, such as chatoyancy (cat’s eye effect), translucency,

color changing, etc.


What many crystal workers have learned over the years (me too!) is that color is a pretty darn reliable indicator of a crystal’s meaning.  It makes sense since color is a direct result

of a crystal’s specific chemical composition (like a human’s physical appearance is due

to its specific DNA).


The fact that crystals that come in different colors have somewhat different natures points

to the validity of using color as an indicator of meaning.

Beautiful bright multi-colored collectio

We see this same color = meaning association when speaking about the chakras, which brings us to the focus of this page.


Crystal to Chakra Connections: You will see that the crystal to chakra connections are

mostly based on color.  Again, this is based on the science of vibration (chemical composition and color), and not just because it is “convenient”.


Note:  The crystals listed for each chakra are not the only crystals that would work with

that chakra. As always, I try to list the more common ones as well as the ones that are

fairly easily to acquire. I tend to avoid most jewelry grade crystals (like sapphires,

emeralds, etc.) if for no other reason than their size and price (small and expensive) although there are a few exceptions. I also try to avoid anything that has been

heat-treated, bonded (a.k.a. aura stones) or most aggregates (mixes of various minerals) again, with some exceptions.


I’ll begin with the Earth Star Chakra associations and work up from there.   

I’ll list the crystals from my recommendations first (from the Crystals A – Z page) in color

and then I’ll identify others that would also work for each chakra.

Just Chakras.jpg

Crystals for the Earth Star Chakra: Crystals in this category are mostly dark brown; often

with flecks or fire within them.  However, Clear Quartz can always be used.  As the Master Crystal and the most abundant stone in the earth’s crust, Clear Quartz has an exceptionally deep connection to the Earth and would work perfectly well here (as will Tourmalated Quartz).  Dark grey and black stones with some kind of chatoyant effect (Labradorite, for example) can also be used with this chakra.


Note: Agate and Jasper often come in various tones of brown and grey. However, they

are not as effective when used with the Earth Star Chakra.


The specific crystals that will connect (most directly) with the Earth Star Chakra include:


                        Labradorite                                      Tourmalated Quartz                       

                        Clear Quartz


                        Bronzite                                            Chiastolite

                        Mahogany Obsidian                        Dravite (Brown Tourmaline)

                        Aragonite Sputnik                           Astrophyllite

                        Nuummite                                        Hypersthene           

                        Arfvedsonite                                    Dendritic Agate (Merlinite)*


           *Not Mystic Merlinite, which is a trademarked name for Indigo Gabbro.

Earth Star.jpg

Crystals for the Root Chakra: The primary colors associated with the Root Chakra are

red and black. However, medium to lighter browns, silvers, and dark grey can also be

found here.


The specific crystals that will connect (most directly) with the Root Chakra include:


                        Red Jasper                                       Snowflake Obsidian

                        Black Tourmaline                             Shungite

                        Smokey Quartz


                        Garnet                                               Obsidian (Black, Rainbow, etc.)

                        Apache Tears                                    Jet

                        Hematite                                           Indigo Gabbro

                        Black Kyanite                                    Black Quartz                                   

                        Petrified Wood                                 Chrysanthemum Stone

                        Turritella Agate                                 Brown and Grey Agates


                        Glacial Concretions (a.k.a. Fairy Stones. Not a crystal per se, but still 

                       works well here, especially if you wish to work with nature)

Root Chakra.jpg

Crystals for the Sacral Chakra: The primary colors associated with the Sacral Chakra are

all shades of orange from peach to orangey-reds. 


The specific crystals that will connect (most directly) with the Sacral Chakra include:


                        Carnelian                                         Mookaite*



                        Apricot Agate                                  Copper

                        Orange Calcite                                Peach Selenite                    

                        Tangerine Quartz                            Orange Agates

                        Peach Aventurine                            Fire Opal

                        Peach Moonstone    


  *While Mookaite comes in reddish/orange, yellow and whitish/grey, I find that it 
vibrates like an orange stone. Personally, I always try to find Mookaite 

that has the mix of colors within each stone.  In a pinch, the solid yellow ones

    would work for the Solar Plexus Chakra and the solid reddish ones would work

for the Root Chakra. 

Sacral Chakra.jpg

Crystals for the Solar Plexus Chakra: The primary colors associated with the Solar Plexus Chakra are all shades of yellow and gold. 


The specific crystals that will connect (most directly) with the Solar Plexus Chakra include:


                        Citrine                                                           Tiger’s Eye



                        Golden Healer Quartz                               Yellow Jasper

                        Amber                                                           Golden Labradorite

                        Yellow Opal                                                  Yellow Fluorite

                        Golden Rutile Quartz                                Yellow Agate

                        Bumblebee Jasper

                        Yellow Calcites (yellow, golden, honey, etc.)

Solar Plexus.jpg

Crystals for the Heart Chakra: The primary colors associated with the Heart Chakra are shades of green and pink. 


The specific crystals that will connect (most directly) with the Heart Chakra include:


                        Aventurine                                      Rose Quartz

                        Moss Agate


                        Kambaba Jasper                             Prehnite

                        Rhodonite                                        Rhodochrosite

                        Green Calcite                                  Mangano Calcite   

                        Green Chalcedony                          Serpentine

                        Jade                                                 Moldavite

                        Bloodstone                                      Pink Aventurine

                        Pink Opal                                         Thulite

                        Ruby in Fuchsite

                        Ruby (natural rubies are dark pink, not red),

Heart Chakra.jpg

Crystals for the Throat Chakra: The primary colors associated with the Throat Chakra are shades of aqua, teal, and light to medium blue. 


The specific crystals that will connect (most directly) with the Throat Chakra include:


                        Amazonite                                       Sodalite

                        Blue Kyanite


                        Aquamarine                                     Celestite

                        Blue Lace Agate                              Turquoise

                        Angelite                                           Blue Quartz

                        Chrysocholla                                    Blue Calcite 

                        Apatite                                             Denim Lapis


Throat Chakra.jpg

Crystals for the Third Eye Chakra: The primary colors associated with the Third Eye Chakra are shades of indigo and violet. 


The specific crystals that will connect (most directly) with the Third Eye Chakra include:


                        Amethyst                                         Fluorite



                        Lapis                                                Kunzite

                        Azurite                                             Iolite

                        Blue Tiger’s Eye                              Ametrine

                        Sugilite                                            Charoite

Third Eye Chakra.jpg

Crystals for the Crown Chakra: The primary colors associated with the Crown Chakra are shades of white and clear. 


The specific crystals that will connect (most directly) with the Crown Chakra include:


                        Clear Quartz                                    Selenite

                        Howlite                                            Tourmalated Quartz


                        Clear Calcite                                    White Calcite

                        Danburite                                         Magnesite

                        Moonstone (white & rainbow)        Girasol

                        Snow Quartz                                    Milky Quartz

                        Scolecite                                          Desert Rose Selenite         

Crown Chakra.jpg

Crystals for the Soul Star Chakra: The primary colors associated with the Soul Star Chakra are clear and white. 


The specific crystals that will connect (most directly) with the Soul Star Chakra include:




                        Herkimer Diamond (a Quartz)  

                        Lemurian (seed) Crystal

                        Selenite (works here too)                       

                        Ganesha Diamond (Himalayan/Tibetan Quartz from the Ganesh Hamal 



                       All Master Quartz, such as Isis, Lightbraries (a.k.a., Cathedrals), Dow,
                       Devic Temples, Record Keeper, Time Link, Twins, Window, Channeling,
                       and Dolphin.

Soul Star Chakra.jpg

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