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The term wand is used here to describe a variety of stick or cylinder-shaped gemstones. There are many types of gemstone wands; too many for me to list here. But I will
describe some of the ones we carry in the store.

Wands may have a smooth, faceted, or even spiral cylinder. The tips can be rounded,
as in a massage wand, or have a single termination at one end with a flat or rounded end on the other side, or may be double-terminated (a point on both ends).  Some wands
may be thicker at one end and more slender at the other end (tapered), or be the same size all the way down the barrel. 


Gemstone wands have a much wider range of purpose than many people think.
For example, wands are commonly associated with crystal healing.  Massage wands
(two rounded ends) can be used to physically massage the body. Wands of this type
can also be warmed or cooled (very carefully so as not to crack it) to use in massage. 


Pointed wands (either single or double-terminated) can also be used in healing to clear
a specific point or chakra on the body, rather like in acupressure or reflexology.
Care should be taken if using your wand in this fashion.  It would be wise to purchase a wand with a dull point to avoid injury.

All of the above described wands can also be used to clear the auric field of impurities and inclusions when held horizontally in the hand and scanned over the body.

Wands can also be used as activators of a crystal grid. The best wands for this purpose
are single or double-terminated wands. To find out more about this, check our our
grids page here.

Lastly, wands can be used in ritual to create sacred space/construct a sacred circle,
much like an athame (ritual knife) would be used. They can also be used to infuse ritual objects with energy for use during the ritual or in the future.

Regardless of why you are purchasing a wand, you will find a fabulous selection here
in the AWS Crystal Studio store!!!

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