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Stone Sets

Often, when purchasing stones individually or in bulk, you're never sure if you'll get six
(or however many you want) that match in size, color and characteristics. 

This is where our stone sets come in!

We hand select the stones in our sets to be similar in size, quality and overall
characteristics so that they function most efficiently with your grid or wherever you might
be using them.

As mentioned previously, all of our stones are at least "A" quality (many of them "AA" or even "AAA") unless specifically noted in the product description.

On this page, we list our Supporting Stone sets.


While we put these sets together specifically for gridding, you do not have to use the stones only for this purpose. As with any stones you purchase in our store, you can use
them however you wish. For example, tumbled stones work well as pocket stones, or you can place them in jars or bowls as décor items.

On the next several pages, you will find the Enhancer Sets (crystals, often points, used to
amplify and direct the energy flow in a crystal grid), and our fabulous Chakra Sets.

Supporting Stone Sets

With regards to our supporting stones sets, we list the sizes as small, medium, and large. These sizes are designed to go with our grid sizes of 6" (small), 8" (medium), and 10" or larger (large). However, if you prefer a large size on your small grid, definitely go for it.
These are just recommendations. 


For the supporting stone sets only, the sizes are as follows:

Small = 1/2" to 3/4" ish

Medium = 3/4" x 1 1/4" ish

Large - Is equal to or greater than 1 1/4" ish

There are exceptions to these sizes, such as when the stones are chunky or bulbous.
In these cases, while the length may fit into a smaller size category, the overall size of the
stone "works" (energy output) more like the stated size. For example, with the rough
Black Tourmaline logs as well as the rough Selenite cubes, they're pretty chunky,
so while the actual length may be closer to what is listed above for medium, they function more along the lines of the large stones (we would pair them with other large stones on a grid, for example). So we list them as large. All photos are taken with a U.S. quarter for size comparison. A U.S. quarter is approximately 15/16" (just under 1").

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