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Wood Grid Kits

If you're new to crystals or crystal gridding (and even if you've been working with them for some time), it's easy to become overwhelmed by all the choices and all the different descriptions and suggestions available in books and on the web. 


Grid kits are the perfect answer to this problem!

Grid kits provide everything you need to begin your journey into crystal gridding. 
Later, you can add additional tumbled or rough stones, enhancers, and even a variety of
center stones to your collection.  

At AWS, we have curated the best quality stones for the price. There are a lot of choices
out there, and it's important for you to feel you have spent your money wisely. Please know that we have hand-chosen every stone on your grid for matching size, color, and overall energy balance.

We carry three sizes of wooden grids; 10", 8", and 6".  
The grids below represent all of the grids we carry. If we're showing the grid you want in
a 6", but you want it in an 8", please email us, and if we have all of the components in
stock, we can put that together for you.

Click on any of the grids below to go to its' product page.

If you haven't checked out our instructions for how to use a crystal grid, start here!

10 "Grid Kits

Our 10" grids are the perfect choice for those looking to step up to the next level of gridding or who are ready to dive in with a strong intention. 

8" Grid Kits

Our 8" grids are the perfect choice for those just starting out with crystal gridding or

who are a bit more limited on space. 

6" Grid Kits

Our 6" grids are the perfect choice if you want to have a travel-sized grid.
They are also great if you are very limited on space.

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