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Decor Items

On the "In Your Home" page of this website, we spoke about the various ways one could bring the vibrant and protective energy of crystals into one's environment. 

Larger stone pieces and intentional motifs can add a modern and colorful element to
your overall design. Many interior designers in places like Los Angeles and New York are incorporating crystals and stones into the plans they create for their high-end clients.

Stones are also the perfect addition to any room if you're working to enhance the
Feng Shui there. There are a number of Feng Shui practitioners who incorporate stones
and crystals (real crystals) into their work (like us!). One of the vendors we work with developed an entire method of Feng Shui centered around the use of large crystals
and stones.


Crystals as décor are a wonderful way to influence the atmosphere of a room; such as enhancing communication, supporting a good night's rest; or creating a calm space for
your meditation practice.

Last, but certainly not least, certain stones placed around the interior and the exterior of
your home can provide protection from a variety of potential negative issues such as
EMF's and geopathic stress to name a few.

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