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In Your Home

There are a variety of ways, or areas of your life that can be enhanced by working with crystals.  This section focuses on working with crystals in your yard and home. Some of

these specific topics may be covered in more detail elsewhere on this site and/or may
be expanded upon in a video class.


  • Décor/Design: Crystals make wonderful design/décor elements in the home. 
    Just like a vase, bowl or statue can provide interest, color and balance to a room,

so too can crystals. There’s also the added benefit of the crystal’s vibration emanating through the room enhancing the environment in very particular ways.


A few clever interior designers have begun using crystals in their design projects

with clients. Some say they used to use greenery or flowers to provide beauty and

color, but there are some obvious problems with live plants, and fakes generally

look…well fake. Crystals on the other hand can be beautiful, colorful, intriguing, etc.,

and require no particular care other than dusting. 

amethyst bowl.jpg

Worried that a “rock” won’t fit in with your décor?  Well crystals come in a myriad of

sizes, shapes, and colors to match any décor. There are quite beautifully sculpted or

mounted specimens that would fit nicely with formal décor, as well as pieces that

would harmonize well with modern, casual, transitional, cottage, and most any other

décor style.       


 Also available are posters, canvases and framed art of crystals utilizing medium

such as photography, matted and framed designs created with crystals, and stylized

drawings and paintings of crystals.

crystal art1.jpg
  •   Yard/Garden: I’m not sure many people realize how beneficial crystals can be in

your yard or garden. In the area of Feng Shui, they can be used near the front of your

house as a protection or ward, or on the other side of the coin, as an energy attractor.  There’s a house on my street, and they have some beautiful, and fairly large, white quartz stones in their front pathway area along with some little yard statues and such. It is lovely, and the energy is vibrant and welcoming.


Crystals can also be placed in your garden to bring positive energy to your plants

and to that section of your yard. Plants can use the energy just like humans can to

grow and thrive. And for anyone who works with the nature spirits, they love crystal

energy too!

crystal in yard.png

And finally, you can use crystals to grid your yard/property.  I do this by placing a

specific combination of stones in the four corners of my yard to protect the house

and its occupants, and to deflect geopathic stress. At least once a year, I either

replace the stones (putting the old ones in the garden to rejuvenate) or clear and

charge them and put them back in their watchful place.


  • Feng Shui: In the practice of Feng Shui, which deals with the energies in your

home and on your property, crystals have always been what they call a “fix” for areas
with undesirable energy. Traditionally, the fix consisted of hanging a (glass) crystal in

a window or at the bottom of a stairway to somehow adjust the flow of energy. 

Additionally, you may see the use of gemstone trees situated in particular areas

around the house, usually to increase/attract prosperity.


While I do agree that using crystals (real crystals, not glass) in problem areas can be

an effective remedy, I also believe crystals can be used in a broader approach to

enhance or attract desired energies into your home.


Unlike conventional Feng Shui that implies that the fixes themselves hold power

(why else would they suggest items that have no meaning to westerners), I believe

that the objects used in your home should be chosen for the emotion(s) they

provoke, as well as for their contribution to the overall balance and harmony of

shapes, sizes, colors and materials of your possessions. How you feel in your home

is of primary importance to the energy flow within it, as well as to the energy you

attract to it and to yourself. 

crystal garden.jpg

Emotions are vibrations; and very powerful ones at that. If you hate that painting

Aunt Edna gave you, that negative emotion (vibration) will have negative

consequences to the energy within your home. You don’t get brownie points for

hanging it anyway – to be nice or in false gratitude (or fear of Aunt Edna). You will

draw the energy of that emotion. Remember, vibrations don’t lie.


I’ll be making a video (maybe two) on Feng Shui and crystals if you’re interested in

learning more about this fascinating topic. In the video, we’ll talk more about

specific ways to use crystals to attract particular energy, and how to increase that

power with your thoughts/intentions. Other topics in the video will include how I use

the bagua, balancing the elements with crystals, and many more aspects of crystals

and Feng Shui.


  • Protection:  A pragmatic person might say that the topic of protection could
    be included in the section on Feng Shui because it does involve the energy and its flow within your home. However, I thought this important subject deserved its own space.


Your first question might be, “Protection against what?” Now I’m not the kind of

person who thinks my neighbors are using sorcery to get back at me for my leaves

falling into their yard. Maybe someone is actually in that situation? I tend to think of

protection more in terms of the energy that comes from “negative” emotions such

as stress, illness, frustration, and so forth. This is most likely internal and coming

from the people in your own home, but could be coming from friends and/or

neighbors if you tend to have people over your house on a frequent basis.


In addition, there is a LOT of EMF energy coming at us from our own electronics as

well as from outside, especially if you live near power lines, cell towers and the like.

Then there’s the whole subject of geopathic stress which could be negatively

affecting the flow of energy within your home and/or in your yard or garden.

double exposure telecommunication mast T

There’s also the (more Feng Shui) situation of stagnant energy within your home.

This could be caused from clutter (seriously, Americans are hoarders), or if you’re

not a frequent duster/cleaner (no judgement).           


Stagnant energy is not conducive to having good vibes in your home, and is   

sending out its own “signal” to the universe which results in a blockage to the

energy flow within your home. You want to keep the energy in your home moving

(not too swiftly) to encourage the energy of the universe to bring things in and out

of your life in a positive flow (for example, abundance only works if there is an in

and out flow).


I grid the inside corners of my house similar to what I described in the yard section.

I generally use Selenite and Black Tourmaline in each of the four corners; up high if

you have somewhere high to put them (tops of bookcases or cabinets, for instance). 

If you have more than one story, you only need to place them on the ground floor


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