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Pocket Stones

If you remember from the Direct Contact page of this website, we spoke about how you
can wear crystal or stone jewelry to benefit from a particular stone's vibration throughout
the day. But many people cannot wear jewelry for a variety of reasons including allergies,
for safety reasons on their job, sizing issues, and so on.

That's where pocket stones come in!

Depending on the size, pocket stones can easily fit into most pockets (including that little "coin pocket" on most jeans), or even in a purse or wallet (or bra).


Also, carrying a stone that you included in a grid set-up will connect you to the energy of the grid all day. 

We sell a variety of sizes of pocket stones, but all of these are smaller than a palm stone, which should make them perfect for...well...carrying. 

Click on each item to go to the product page, where you'll see the exact size and other specifications.

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