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Sacred Geometry

Oh, where to begin?  This topic is really much bigger/deeper/more complicated than I
can cover in this space.  I plan to have a class on sacred geometry in the future in order
to do it justice.  But for now, I will try to summarize as best I can.


So what is sacred geometry?  In the simplest terms, sacred geometry encompasses a number of specific mathematical patterns (geometric patterns) that are the energy templates for everything that exists in the universe.  Literally, these few patterns,
which can be found everywhere from our own DNA strand to the largest galaxy,
are the energy codes of the whole of creation.  


That’s pretty heavy stuff.  Astronomers, quantum physicists and other scientists and mathematicians have been aware for quite some time that the universe is based on mathematics, and specifically on geometry.  But more recent data from improved technology resources such as the Hubble telescope has given them even more
astounding proof of this reality beyond what even they expected to encounter. 
And the deeper they look; the more connections they find.

Science and research of the universe, sp

Interestingly, the ancients seemed to have known much of this information.  We see evidence of their deep understanding of mathematics in everything from the Great Pyramids to Stonehenge and in the works of Leonardo De Vinci, Fibonacci, and many others. (And all without the so-called “technology” we have today.)


It may surprise you to learn that we see examples of the first two sacred geometric shapes (literally, the two patterns that were the original templates of creation and that led to the other forms) in almost every ancient culture on this planet.  Further down on this page
I’ll post some pictures of these ancient symbols and where they were found.


I think now you can see where the term “sacred” geometry originates from. It does not, as some people say, stem from religion.  Religion actually derives from it.

Meditate symbol.jpg

So where do we go from here?  Well for starters, imagine what you can accomplish by

using these shapes as the pattern or grid upon which you place your crystals.  How about

an exponential increase in energy output and frequency enhancement? Sign me up!


The Symbols: Let’s take a look at the individual patterns and the energy or vibration that each of them brings to your gridding efforts. Like crystals and well, most things, each pattern has its own specific frequency or vibration. 


Also, please realize there are many patterns “out there” that people group under the heading of sacred geometry.  And while these geometric patterns may indeed provide enhanced energy to your grid (and so use them!), they are technically not all sacred geometry.  It might be a minor point, but I like to be precise when I can.


The Seed of Life:  The Seed of Life is formed from the relationship of six overlapping

circles surrounding the center of a seventh circle of the same diameter. The edge of

each outer circle passes through the exact center of the circles on either side of it as well

as the exact middle of the center circle. In turn, the center circle’s edge passes through

the exact middle of the six outer circles.


This dynamic pattern forms a field containing all the possible geometric forms in the universe – the structures that are considered to be the fundamental shapes of Creation.

To show you how this design could literally be the template for everything in the universe, let’s look at the Seed of Life as an analogy for Genesis; the seven days of creation in the Christian bible.

Envision "consciousness" existing in the void. The consciousness decides that it would

like to “see” or “experience” the universe (i.e., move). However, there is no other object

in the void (movement requires at least 2 points). So the consciousness creates a sphere around itself (It’s a bit more involved than that and includes the six directions of north

[in front of me], south [behind me], east [to the right of me], west [to the left of me],

up [above me], and down [below me], but the results are still the sphere).

So let’s look at the first words regarding creation in the Bible (Day 1); "In the beginning

God created the heavens and the earth".  Now the consciousness has knowledge

about space in 360°.

The next movement of the consciousness is to proceed to the edge or surface of its

new realized space (the sphere). There, it repeats what it did the first time - creates

another sphere of the same size. (Day 2). This movement is reflected in the text "and

the Spirit of God moved over the surface (of the waters)".

Vesica Pisces.jpg

Notice the new shape that is formed from the 2 spheres. This geometric shape (located

at the intersection or crossover space of the two spheres) is called a "Vesica Pisces".

This almond-like shape represents the evolution of unity into duality. At this moment,

the consciousness is no longer single but divided into two perspectives. The space

permeating between both of the spheres represents creation, particularly the

co-creation when two perspectives meet to create something new.

Speaking mathematically, this almond-like shape also contains information about width, proportion, and depth, including the Golden Mean and the Fibonacci sequence. 

What is even more interesting is that it contains geometrical information about light

Now think back to the biblical text that came next, "Then God said, "Let there be light". 

At this point, consciousness would like to continue to move; but in what direction?

The newest thing it can “see” is where the two spheres intersect (at the Vesica Pisces)

so it moves to the point of intersection along the outer surfaces of the two spheres and repeats what it did previously and creates another sphere. This new symbol that is

created is commonly called the Tripod of Life, but in keeping with our seven days of creation, could also be viewed as the "Holy Trinity" (Day 3). 

Tripod of Life.jpg

The process continues and with each sphere (the creation of all the other "parts or things" that will exist in the universe), more information is accumulated. On the seventh day, the seventh sphere completes the creation.  “And on the seventh day, God rested.”

Note: I only use the Genesis story because so many people are familiar with it. I find that
it helps to explain how geometric shapes are a template for all of creation and how early people used metaphor to explain otherwise complicated processes and concepts.
There was no underlying intent, nor was I trying to make a "statement".

So to summarize, the Seed of Life is a pattern of six interlocking circles around a seventh circle of the same diameter. The center point represents the source energy or the consciousness from which we are all created and connected.

The unfolding of the Seed of Life holds the mathematical template for everything in the universe from light (including the colors of the rainbow) to the harmonics of music and everything in-between.  The Seed of Life even reflects within it the infinite fractal nature

of the universe. 

Flower of Life: The Flower of Life (FOL) blooms forth from the Seed of Life (SOL),
expanding the 
original pattern by forming an additional 12 circles around the outer

edges of the SOL for a total of 19 circles. The resultant design looks like flowers (thus,

its name) with a six-fold symmetry like a hexagon.  As with the SOL, the center of each

circle is on the circumference of six surrounding circles, all with the same diameter

(here is where you really start to see the fractal nature of the universe).


In modern times, the FOL is commonly depicted with a single, and sometimes a

double circle around the outer edge. 



It is believed that like the SOL, the Flower of Life symbolizes creation and is a visual representation of the unity of everything; in other words, we’re all built from the same blueprint and everything is connected to everything else. 


Philosophers, architects and artists around the world have marveled at the perfect form, proportion and harmony of the FOL. The symbol was also important to many ancient cultures, the proof of which can be found in the many manuscripts, temples and art throughout the world.


One notable example is Leonardo da Vinci’s journal. Illustrations of these designs found in his journal reveal that he studied the mathematical properties of the FOL as well as components of the SOL.  One can also view drawings of other geometric shapes da Vinci likely felt derived from the SOL and FOL, including the platonic solids, a sphere, a torus, and the golden ratio of phi.

DaVincis FOL.jpg

Additional ancient locations where you can see the FOL design include:


  • The Temple of Osiris at Abydos, Egypt.  This structure contains one of the oldest examples of the FOL, dating to at least 6,000 years ago (and may actually be considerably older).


  • The Forbidden City as well as various other temples in China.


  • Ancient synagogues in the Galilee area of Israel as well as in Masada.


  • The Harimandir Sahib (Golden Temple) in India.


  • The city of Ephesus in Turkey


And the list goes on (and on).

SOL & FOL.jpg

The Gift of Life: The next level builds upon the 19 (7 + 12 = 19) interlocking circles of the Flower of Life by adding another “ring” of 18 interlocking circles


This ring of 18 circles represents an 18-year cycle used to predict lunar and solar eclipses.

By adding these 18 circles to the 19 circles in the Flower of Life, a total of 37 circles appears.

The “gift of life” is revealed by seeing how 36 circles are rotating around a central “one”. This equates to 36 (7-day) weeks or nine months, the approximate time for human life to gestate. 


Fruit of Life:  To arrive at the Fruit of Life pattern (full version), we must add a second ring

of 24 interlocking circles around the above design. These 24 circles represent the

24-hours in one solar day. By combining both rings with the Flower of Life a total of

60 circles are now rotating around the central one, representing 60 minutes in one hour

or 60 seconds within one minute.

The “Fruit of Life” pattern (simplified) is revealed by seeing the 13 independent circles within the design. These 13 circles represent the four seasons of the year (spring,

summer, fall and winter).  Each are exactly 13-weeks long, together they form a 52-week solar year (13 x 4 = 52).


You can see from this description then that the Fruit of Life continues the creation story.

Fruit of Life.jpg

We are all familiar with how plants grow.  From seed, to plant, to flower, to fruit, and

then back to seed again.  The fruit is the distillation of all previous efforts and growth.

That which has been expanding now sheds unnecessary forms to concentrate all of its energy in order to create new forms. In other words, to obtain the best fruit, one must

prune the tree.


So at this point, the complexity of the Flower is simplified in order to produce the

Fruit of Life.


Now simplified, the Fruit becomes the creative framework from which the infinite potential of Metatron’s Cube springs to life.


Metatron’s Cube:  Metatron’s Cube is born of the interplay between the 13 spheres of the Fruit of Life with lines connecting all the midpoints of each of those spheres.

Met Cube Shadow.jpg

Metatron’s Cube represents the way the plethora of different things in the material and spiritual worlds all fit together into one Creation. It is a tool for inspiration and transformation. It helps us realize the harmony and balance of nature with its equilibrium

of forces in all directions and dimensions.


This mystical design contains within its structure many of the most important geometric shapes in their simplest form; the very shapes that encode the secret patterns of the Cosmos.  The first being the sphere; the original shape.


You should already be familiar with the Platonic solids, since we reviewed those in the Chakra section. They are the cube, the tetrahedron, the octahedron, icosahedron, and

the dodecahedron.  All five Platonic solids can be found within Metatron’s Cube.

PS and SOD .jpg

Lastly is the hexagram, a star shape with six points also known as the Star of David.

The two equilateral triangles that make up the hexagram point in opposite directions,

one indicating the male energy or polarity and the other representing the female

energy of polarity. In some ways the hexagram can be likened to a Yin/Yang symbol.


When viewed as one of the primary building blocks of the universe, it can be said that Metatron’s Cube decodes the meaning of the word ‘birth’ and thus reveals the infinite expanding field of creation in all directions of time and space. This high vibrational geometry literally resonates into existence first color, then sound,

and finally physical matter.


Merkaba: The star-shaped symbol is believed to be a divine (energetic) vehicle made entirely of light designed to transport or connect the spirit and body to higher realms.


This makes sense when you look at the two known meanings of the word. In Hebrew,

the word Merkaba means "chariot".  In early Egyptian, the individual words

“Mer”, “Ka”, and “Ba”, meant "light”, “spirit”, and “body" respectively. 


In geometry, the Merkaba is called a star tetrahedron. It is a three dimensional, 8-pointed star made from two counter-rotating triangular pyramids, one pointing up and the other down. The counter-rotation of the two pyramids creates a three dimensional energy field that increases in strength as the spin of the Merkaba increases.


If you look at a Merkaba in two dimensions, it is a Star of David.  And like the Star of

David, it is said to balance the male and female energies (or Source energy) as they

stream into the physical realm.

Spiral: Spirals are one of the oldest geometric shapes known to man with the earliest examples seen in petroglyphs that date back to around the Neolithic period.  We also

find Spiral symbols in a vast majority of cultures throughout the world; many who in

their earliest utilization of this design had no contact or influence from other cultures.


Interestingly, we see very similar meanings expressed for the Spiral.  In terms of spirituality, the Spiral can symbolize the path leading from outer consciousness (the material plane, external awareness, ego, etc.) to the inner soul (enlightenment, unity, one-ness, etc.).   


Or conversely, the spiral can represent the blossoming of one’s consciousness from the singular focused point of birth or sense of separateness through the expansion of one’s spirituality and recognition of the connection/unity of all things in the universe.

In the physical, we see the Spiral reflected throughout nature in plants (vines and ferns for example), shells (like the nautilus), animal horns, teeth and tails, whirlpools and hurricanes, in the inner ear of a human (the cochlea) as well as in the strands of our DNA.  We even observe this pattern in the structure of the many galaxies aptly named spiral galaxies. 


Platonic Solids:  I don’t want to spend a lot of time on the Platonic Solids because we have covered them in various ways in other areas of the website.  However, I do want to remind you that the Platonic Solids are the building blocks of the energy codes or templates (the more complicated shapes described above) for everything that exists in the universe. 

Working with these shapes, especially when meditating (since they’re easier to visualize

than some of the more complicated shapes) will enhance your spiritual growth and using them in your gridding efforts will produce similar results as the other shapes.  In addition, the Platonic Solids (and all sacred geometric forms really) have a subtle effect on our subconscious mind. By simply placing objects with these shapes in a room, they can 

balance the energies of that area.

Platonic Solids.jpg

On the next page, we'll get into the basics of crystal gridding.  

Let's get started! Just click on the link below, "Gridding Part I".

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