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Enhancers are crystals, typically single or double-terminated stones, used on a crystal grid
to amplify and direct the energy of all the other stones. These stones can really boost the energy output of a simple grid and ensure that the field stays strong and dynamic for however long the grid is in place.


As with our tumbled stone sets, we hand select the stones in our enhancer sets to be
similar in size, quality and overall characteristics so that they function most efficiently with your grid or wherever you might be using them.

As mentioned previously, all of our stones are at least "A" quality (many of them "AA" or even "AAA") unless specifically noted in the product description. Please remember that naturally-occurring stones (i.e., not cut and polished) may look like a lesser quality to the untrained eye. However, the power and quality of any stone is in its chemical and structural make-up; not in its physical appearance.

We would like to reiterate, that while we put these sets together specifically for gridding, you do not have to use the stones only for this purpose. As with any stones you purchase
in our store, you can use them however you wish. For example, enhancer type stones are perfect to use in jewelry making, or you can place them in jars or bowls with other stones
as décor items.

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