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Gridding - Part I

Torus Fields & Tools 

Before we get into the actual set-up, I just want to reiterate why we are following these

(or any) rules. You might be thinking, “Can’t I just put whatever stones I have or like on

the grid and it will work?” If you’ve read any of the other pages on this site, you already know the answer is no. But in case you are reading this page first,
let me briefly describe why.


I liken gridding to playing an instrument or sport; few people wake up one morning,

decide to start playing said instrument or sport, and at the end of the day they’re professional.  We all know that it takes hard work and practice, even for those naturally gifted in the field, to reach a professional level. 


The same goes for crystal gridding.

The interesting difference though, is that proper crystal gridding is, theoretically, easy

to learn and do.  It’s not about the “form” of your arm as you lay the crystals on the grid

or how strong you are. But it does take consistent and determined action on your part. 

Not just for the hour it took you to construct and activate the grid, but for as many

days as you leave the grid in place.


And it all has to do with the rules of manifesting.  Remember, crystals do not contain

magic; they don’t just make something happen in your life. They aid YOU in making something happen in your life. Do you see the difference? YOU must be the captain

of the team making the decisions about what you want to accomplish, who the players

will be, and the position they’ll play. The one who keeps the team motivated and performing at their peak for the entirety of the game, not just the first quarter

(I apologize to those of you who are not into sports. The analogy just works so well).


While it sounds easy on paper, trust me when I tell you it’s not.  It takes time, practice,

and determination.  And in our “fast food” society many people find it hard to stick to...well almost anything for longer than an hour or a day.  But if you can learn this skill,

it can literally change your life. 


Let me be clear that you absolutely can just choose whatever stones you want, whatever grabs your attention at the moment or you feel "intuitively" guided to select, and lay
them down in any design you wish; in a specific pattern or just randomly.  Voila!  If the beauty of this object you just created brings you joy, then you’ve succeeded.
That joy may even manifest other lovely things in your life.


But if you’re looking to achieve more than just something being pleasing to the eye 
and want to manifest real change in your life, there are some guidelines you
need to follow.

How Crystal Grids Work

Remember back on the “What is a Crystal Grid” page I described a crystal grid

in this way: 


“(Crystal gridding is) Taking a select number of crystals (chosen for their particular

qualities) and intentionally arranging them in a specific, power-enhancing layout

to achieve (manifest) a desired outcome.”

Crystal Grid with Quartz and Other Cryst

But how does it work? First, we know that crystals can store and transmit energy as well

as having their own personal energy vibration. Second, we also know that our thoughts (intentions) are energy which are transmitted to the universe and create our reality.
And last, but certainly not least, we know that sacred geometric shapes vibrate and transmit potent energy as well.

Put these three things together in the appropriate way and you create a powerful and harmonious energy field that can transmit your intentions to the universal matrix.
These three components generate more power together than any one (or even two)
could generate alone. In addition, they produce results faster than if you were just
working with your intention or the crystals, for example.

So let's get to it!

Super hero businessman counting

Choosing the Right Tools

Intention: Of course, you need an intention for your grid.  Let’s assume you have your intention clearly defined and have written it down on a piece of paper.  If you’re not sure about your intention, please go back and read the page entitled “Basics of Manifesting”. 

The information on that page explains the appropriate way to develop an intention.

Crystals: Once you have your intention, you must choose several types of crystals to enhance your manifesting efforts.  (You can always refer back to the “Selecting the Right Crystal” and the “Crystals A – Z” pages to help you make your choice).

For most grids you’ll need a center stone, also called the focus stone. This is the primary power generator and energy transmitter for your grid.  I mostly use towers for this task. Pyramids work well for this purpose too.


The focus stone should be the largest stone on the grid, although it should not be unreasonably large.  The size of the stones should be matched appropriately to each

other and to the size of the grid to maintain the balance and harmony of the energy field.

I only use two additional rows in most of my grids as well as a few amplifiers. This is

one of my pet peeves with books and other websites on crystal gridding.  Many of them

say you have to have rows and rows of all sorts of stones in order to be successful. 

This is just plain poppycock!


In fact, having too many types of stones can have a negative effect on the entire undertaking. Hibiscus Moon calls it “crystal chaos” when you use too many crystals in a grid.  She states, “Instead of working together, they start to interfere with each other’s energy, in essence, reducing the output of the grid and inhibiting its ability to manifest.”


The two rows (or however many you have) of additional crystals are sometimes known as supporting stones. The shape of these stones can really be anything. I tend to use mostly tumbled stones because they’re less expensive, easy to obtain, and can do double-duty
as pocket/carry stones. 

The vibration (meaning) of these stones should support your intention and be similar
to the vibration of the focus stone.

In general, I own six of each type of supporting stone. Most sacred geometry grids

inherently have places for six or twelve stones per row, with other grids having five or

even nine. If you’re using a Platonic Solid as your pattern, you may only need a total

of three or four additional stones.


Amplifier stones (a.k.a. Enhancers), while absolutely not needed for any grid to be successful, these stones are just what they sound like; amplifiers of the energy from the other stones.  These are normally placed in between the supporting stones and can
point to other supporting stones or towards the focus stone. 

I use single and double terminated quartz points for my amplifiers to help carry the
energy from the tumbled stones to the focus stone. You could, however, use any type
of crystal.

The pattern: The next tool you will choose is the pattern upon which you will place your crystals.  I use sacred geometric shapes because of the power they lend to my efforts. 

If you haven’t already read that page you might want to refer to it now.  Check out

“Sacred Geometry” and “Shape Associations” to see why you might want to use these designs and to choose the one that best supports your intention.

There’s also the question of the material of the grid. Do you want to use a grid made

from wood, printed on paper or fabric, simply visualize the pattern in your mind and lay

the stones out accordingly, or use some other material?  This may not seem important

(and I’m sure at least a few of you just rolled your eyes). But stick with me. The material does matter.


First, it is totally acceptable to visualize the pattern in your mind and lay the stones

out accordingly.  The energy will respond, although not as strongly as if you have a

visible design.  This approach can come in handy if you’re traveling and cannot pack

all of your tools.

natural materials.jpg

Second, if you are choosing a physical grid, I suggest sticking with a natural material such as wood, paper, cotton or linen fabric, and so on. I would stay away from materials like plastic, vinyl, polyester or nylon, etc. 


If you think about the crisis we face with all the plastics in the landfills that won’t break down for thousands and thousands of years, you can see why I believe the energy of the crystals does have trouble passing through this substance. 

At the very least, it bends and distorts the energy on its way through the object. 

I certainly do not want to use anything that could hinder the energy of my grid.

Activator crystal: The last item you will need for your grid is an activator crystal.  This

crystal will, as you may have guessed, activate all the stones on the grid and link them

to the focus stone and to your intention. The activator crystal should be a single or

double terminated crystal.


This crystal should be comfortable to hold in your hand and substantial enough to not

be fragile.  I use a wand that is approximately 3 inches long and ¾ inch in diameter

(I have small hands).  I wouldn’t choose one too long or too wide; you shouldn’t have
to struggle to hold it.


The type of crystal should be one that is known for its high vibration such as Clear Quartz, Amethyst, Selenite, etc.  I use a double terminated Tourmalated Quartz, one of my
favorite stones, for its balancing properties. 

My recommendation is that you keep this stone for this purpose only (as an activator crystal, not necessarily just for gridding).  The consistent use of an activator for this

singular function will expand its power and focus over time.

Gridding – Part II explains the actual process of creating your grid.

Just click on the link below to continue.

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