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While most orders arrive without incident, occasionally - as with any business transaction - there may be an issue. Therefore, our return policy is as follows: 

Returns are not accepted unless an item(s) is defective, damaged or the wrong item was sent.

Damaged or Defective Items


If you receive an item and it has been damaged in transit (during shipping), please contact us immediately. Please note that (as stated below under "Buyer’s Remorse") many of our products contain natural imperfections that may not be shipping damage at all. Please provide photos of damaged items and damaged packaging via email.


If the item(s) is defective, please contact us via email within 3 calendar days of receipt and provide photos of the defective item.  We obviously want to address any items that were shipped defective. Please see below in the section titled “Buyer’s Remorse” for more on this topic. 


If you have received jewelry that is defective (i.e., if a stone came out of its setting; clasp is broken, etc.) or was damaged during shipping, email us with a photo of the item (and package if damaged) within 3 calendar days of receipt.


In all cases, we will review the item(s) and if we conclude that the item(s) is defective or was damaged in transit, we will provide instructions for returning the item. See section below
on returns for information on packing and shipping.


Wrong Item Received


If you receive a different item from what you ordered, please let us know immediately. We are human after all, and occasionally (but not very often!) we do make a mistake with packaging items. Please provide a photo of the item you did receive.


Buyer's Remorse


We are unable to accept returns due to buyer's remorse. All items are listed with multiple photos and angles. All items on the website have either a size reference (almost always a U.S. quarter) or dimensions listed.


If you have additional questions about an item, please email us before you purchase the item(s).


“Defective” items: Stones and crystals are natural items created by Mother Nature, and as such will most likely have lines, cracks, inclusions, discolored areas, minor chips and abrasions, and so forth. These characteristics in no way impede the effectiveness of the crystal’s vibration nor are they considered a defect. In addition, we provide numerous photos of each item at different angles, and items with a significant defect or damage will clearly be labeled as such (usually at a reduced price because of the defect/damage). Therefore, any of these types of issues that can clearly be seen in the photos and/or that is cosmetic in nature and obviously a natural part of the crystal will not be refunded as “defective”.


Again, please look at the pictures closely and email us before you purchase if you have any questions about the item(s). 


Return Procedures


In the event of a return due to a damaged, defective or incorrect item:


  • All items should not have been worn, used, or washed.


  • Buyer must contact seller via email within three (3) calendar days of receipt of package.


  • Buyer must submit photos of the item(s) and the packaging if damaged, clearly showing the damage, defect (or the incorrect item that was received).


  • If returning the item, Buyer must return item(s) in its original packaging inside a new, larger package (if the original packaging was damaged), well-padded to prevent further damage, within seven (7) calendar days at their own cost. Note that this is the date the item must be shipped and postmarked by; not the date it needs to be received by.

    Note: If the packaging is not sufficient or the original packaging is not all there, the mail carrier will not reimburse us for the damage.  If we are not reimbursed, we will not be able to refund you. 


  • Buyer must use a mail service that includes a tracking number. For example, USPS First Class Package service and USPS Priority Mail both include a tracking number.


  • Buyer must insure the returned item(s). Please note; if the item(s) incurs additional damage in return transit and you did not insure the package, you may no longer be eligible for a refund. Please package all items carefully and thoroughly.


  • Buyer must email us a copy of the return shipping and insurance documents, additional packaging receipt (if applicable), etc. to  with the words “Return Documentation” in the subject line. We will need this in order to submit a claim on your behalf.


Note: Do NOT ship anything back to us without first contacting us and receiving shipping information.


  • If Buyer prefers, you can submit a claim to the shipping carrier directly. This would reduce the chances the item(s) is further damaged upon return shipping.  If you choose to do this, please contact us for proof of shipping and insurance (i.e., receipts). We will email you copies of this information.


The buyer will be given the address to send the item(s) to once the return request (and evidence) has been submitted. When you ship the item, please triple check that you have addressed the package correctly. We are not responsible for returns with an incorrect address.


For defective or incorrect items, a full or partial refund will be processed once the item(s) has been returned in the condition it was received.  For incorrect items, please let us know
if you would like a refund or the original item (if still in stock) when you contact us. 


For damaged items, a full or partial refund will be issued only after the shipping service has reimbursed us for the item and shipping charges.


If you have any questions not answered above, please email us at

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