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Gemstone pyramids make excellent energy generators for your crystal grids. I use them nearly as frequently as I use a towers. The structure of the pyramid lends itself beautifully
to this purpose, drawing energy in from its four-cornered base and shooting it up and out of the point. In addition, the larger (than a tower), flat base is less apt to tip over if your
grid is bumped or on a surface that isn't flat.

Note: Virtually everywhere that sells gemstone pyramids states that their measurement is diagonally from point to point on the base. Huh? I'm sure it's because the wholesalers do this. And my guess is that this measurement gives the largest dimension possible (making
it appear that the piece is slightly larger than it really is).

However, to me, I cannot picture the size of the crystal as accurately with this
measurement. For this reason, the measurement I give is for the base along one side.
I also give the height so you can get a better sense of the piece as a whole.

Click on any of the items below to go to its product page where you can see the measurements and other specifications about the pyramid.

Jumbo & Large Pyramids

The jumbo pyramids are 2" and larger at the base. The large size is approximately 1 1/2" to 2".

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