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Other Grid Types & Miscellaneous Kits

For some people, fabric, paper or grids made of other materials may be more pleasing
than wood as well as more practical.  For example, grids made of fabric and other materials are a great choice for those who want to have a grid that can travel easily or that doesn't
take up as much storage space when not in use (especially if you want to have a variety
of grids).


Also, the designs that are available in fabric and paper are often more colorful and
elaborate than their wooden counterparts. 

If this sounds like you, WE HAVE YOU COVERED!

Below is a selection of fabric grids in varying sizes and
designs as well as a few grids made from other materials; most notably paper. 
We also carry a few travel grid kits made of fabric.

Sizes and details for all items will be indicated on the product details page.

Fabric Grids

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