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Large Cotton Triquetra Grid

Large Cotton Triquetra Grid

SKU: GO-1028-FB-CV-26-a

This stunning Triquetra grid is made from 100% thick cotton (like a canvas or duck, but softer) fabric. 


The photo does not really capture just how beautiful this grid is. The outside border and inside corner designs are a metallic gold paint. The Triquetra itself is silver metallic paint. 


This is currently our largest fabric grid, coming in at a whopping 26" x 27".  The Triquetra measures 13" in diameter, so is a nice usable grid size.  


This could also be used as an altar cloth or wall hanging. 

  • Full Description

    The word Triquetra literally means "three-cornered". It is a triangular figure composed of three interlaced arcs, or three overlapping Vesica Pisces. For more information on the meaning of the Vesica Pisces, go to our webpage here.

    While most commonly associated with the Celts, the Triquetra can actually be found in designs from as far back as the Iron Age, but such symbols become frequent from about the 4th century BC in ornamented ceramics of Anatolia and Persia, and it appears on early Lycian coins as well.

    The Triquetra is also found on rune stones in Northern Europe and on early Germanic coins. It bears a resemblance to the so-called Valknut, a design of three interlacing triangles, found in the same context.

    Because of the wide-spread popularity of the Triquetra design, the meanings and symbolisms are numerous.  Most common are unity or interconnectedness, creation (from the Vesica Pisces), which can mean everything from the creative process to fertility to abundance, protection, anything that is grouped in threes, such as the past, present, and future, the cycles of life, the three moon Goddesses, the Trinity (from Christianity), and infinity.


    Note: Fabric grids are often made and painted by hand and the design is affected by the type and quality of the fabric. Therefore, the designs may have missing spaces, uneven sections, or splotches. This is part of the natural charm of the piece and does not affect its purpose or beauty.

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