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The Basics of Manifesting

Everything that is created in the physical world is created first on the Etheric Plane. 

The human energy field forms first (at the point of conception), and acts like a template
for the physical body. 
To be more specific now, the Etheric Body forms first and acts as a template for the physical body to be created.

But it’s not just humans that exist first in the Etheric; it’s everything on the physical plane.  Every building ever built; every invention ever invented; every relationship, every

discovery, and every job you ever had; EVERYTHING that exists here in the physical

plane begins on the Etheric Plane as a thought-form. That thought-form then becomes

the template whereby the thing is created.

So wait a minute. Yes; some of you are jumping ahead………this is how manifestation works!!!  Well, not entirely how it works…but rather, where it works or where it starts.

Thumbs Up

And thankfully from thought -form to manifestation is NOT instantaneous. I know some

of you are disagreeing with me right now. No, I want more money NOW!  But think of

the mess!  Every knee-jerk reaction to something (I wish my boss were dead); every drunken “I wish I had a unicorn” type thought, every subconscious desire and “What if” daydream, all coming into existence in an instant.  It would be sheer chaos!

Again, thankfully it takes repetitive thought coupled with feeling and believing and over time, that thought form starts to take shape.  But if the energy being generated is

followed by other thoughts, feelings, and beliefs that are opposite the original thought-form (or includes doubt), the energy can negate or distort the original intention. 

(This is actually why so many attempts at manifesting fail.)

Now the term “over time” is not meant to imply a long time. It’s just longer than instantaneous. It really depends on the precision and consistently held focus of the thought, feeling, and belief.


So where do these thought-forms come from? From us and from the things

we create mostly. 

Consider the following scenario: Somewhere in your early life you hear someone tell

you that you are worthless. The first time you hear that it probably makes you angry.
Maybe even the first few times you hear it. But if you hear it over and over and over

again, you start believing it and then start to say it to yourself. 

At the point you start to believe it and say it to yourself, you create the thought form. 

Then you start looking for proof to back up your belief. This reinforces the thought form over and over. If you don’t do something to stop it (stop saying, feeling, and believing it),

it will grow and materialize in your life.  And because this is a negative thought form, it manifests as some form of negative energy in your Etheric Layer.  So now, the Etheric

Layer, which is the instruction guide for your body, has a glitch (so to speak).


This glitch is going to affect how your body functions. Maybe it will block the flow to

and from one of your chakras. Maybe it will prevent one of your bodily processes from working correctly. Maybe it will cause a few of your cells to replicate exponentially. However, it affects you, it will eventually result in an illness or disease of some sort

(or some other similar unpleasantness), which will reinforce the idea that you are


This example is pretty simplistic, but it is generally how it works. 

Blocked chakra.jpg



So let’s talk about intention. I’ve mentioned it quite a bit on some of the other pages
and it is primary to manifesting.  We’ve already defined it though; 
intention = thoughts plus emotion plus belief (or acceptance). 

We've already spoken about thoughts in the section, above, so let's move on to the
emotion piece.

I really want to stress here the importance and the power of the emotion piece. In our society, maybe the world, we have always given the mind top billing. But if you’ve read

the “Human Energy field” page you know that it’s really the heart that is running the

show (or should be).  We may have many thoughts throughout the day; throughout

our life, but they do not all come into existence, right? 

Heart Brain Commo.jpg

That’s because there’s no consistent emotion behind most of them. It really takes the combination of focused thought coupled with the emotion of the thing existing in your

life; the happiness it brings you; how good you feel, etc., in order to manifest something.


If you’ve ever tried or wondered why visualization and affirmations don’t seem to work for many people, it’s primarily because there’s not an emotional component (including not really believing it’s going to happen). Just seeing something in your mind or saying words out loud without a real emotional connection will not bring about the desired result.


Remember, thoughts steer the car, but emotions are the engine that drive the vehicle.

Just to reiterate, if negative thoughts and emotions are what you send out,

that is what will come back to you. 

Speaking of belief, the emotion must also be coupled with acceptance or belief that

this thing can really exist in your life.  As I stated above, if there is doubt or deep down

you do not believe or cannot accept this possibility, it most likely will not manifest.

If it does, it probably won’t look like what you wanted. 


This element of the equation (belief/acceptance) may be the one you’ll struggle with

most depending on your deep-seated beliefs about your life and how the world “works”.  You can change it though. But it will take some effort and trust in how the universe operates. Learning more about energy and the laws of (meta-) physics and how

everything is created can be a good start. The more you learn, the more

you start to realize the possibilities.

And there is no substitute for practice. To use a musical instrument reference, you don’t

decide you’re going to play the drums one day and then simply pick up the sticks

and voila! you’re Neil Peart (yay Rush fans!) Start with “maybe it can” and work your way

up to “absolutely it can!”

Top View of a Drummer

Setting Your Intention


So let’s look at setting your intention. This means, deciding what you want; what’s the

end goal of your manifesting efforts?


Let’s look at wealth as an intention. One of the reasons people struggle with “wealth”

as a goal of manifestation, is that 1) you're not being clear about what "wealth" means to you, and 2) Many people who have wealth were and are willing to do things to get and keep their money that you might not be willing to do to get and keep your money.


NOW HANG ON!!!  I’m not saying that wealthy people are evil. Not at all. I’m just saying they view money differently (that’s pretty much the point to the “Rich man, Poor man” material). For example, they may take risks with their money you’d never be willing to take.


You know the saying, “It takes money to make money”. A lot of people don’t realize

that most people who started their own business put their entire lives (finances) on

the line to start that business. And that they “suffered” or lived with nothing for many

years before their company “made it”. If you’re not 100% willing to get and keep your money in those same ways, you’ll likely hit a wall in manifestation because your

desire does not line up with your nature or beliefs.

Worried owners in empty restaurant calcu

Let’s look at another example. There are a lot of people who want love; but they

typically want a specific person, or a particular kind of person. So, they focus on what that person looks like; for example, maybe their body type or even hair color, or something
like how wealthy they are (can't ever get away from that wealth thing, can we?)  


First, if you want a specific person, you’re crossing a line by asking the universe to force another person to have feelings for you. Big no-no in the manifesting world. You’re basically asking the universe to take away that person’s free will. 


Second, if you want a very particular kind of person (a blond haired, blue eyed, athletic build guy who is at least 6 feet tall and makes gobs of money), you're really, really
limiting the universe. 

Instead, focus on the feeling of loving someone and being loved by someone. Not

a specific someone, but the characteristics of a loving person such as warmth, humor, cheerfulness, without seeing (or expecting) an exact face or body type (or bank account).  Open your heart and mind to what the universe will bring you. It may not be your usual “type”, but how has that been working for you?  If you’re looking for love, probably
not so well.


Again, an important factor in the manifesting process is learning to trust the universe and

not giving it narrow and limiting parameters. The more constraining the request,

the more likely it will take a considerable time to materialize and once again,

may not look like what you wanted.  

Image by Bart LaRue

An equally important factor is staying open to how your goal may come to

you. This is called *staying away from the cursed “hows”. We all tend to have the perception that certain things only come in one particular package, and that some processes can only be done one way. But that just isn’t true. There are a myriad of sizes, shapes and appearances for every single thing, and dozens of ways to get there. 

Stay open to the possibilities, don’t tell the universe how to do its’ job, and show

gratitude for whatever result you get.


*Let me clarify a little more what I mean by the “cursed hows”. This is how (the manner

in which) something comes to you. For example, if you believe the only way you could manifest a lot of money is by winning the lottery, you’re asking the universe to have

you win the lottery. You’re only giving it one way to bring you money.  But there are probably hundreds if not thousands of ways to have money come into your life.

By telling the universe it can only do it one way, you limit the possibility (or timeliness)

of the end result. 


Leave the how to the universe. 

Image by Ambreen Hasan

Clarifying and Defining


We touched on this idea near the very beginning of this article, which is, you need to

get really clear about the words you choose to describe your intentions. 


For example, what does “wealth” mean to you? Does it mean $80,000?  Six figures? 

More? The word wealth does not have a universal meaning. To someone who is very

poor, wealthy could be $50,000. To someone making six figures, wealthy may mean

at least a million dollars. It’s all relative. What does it mean TO YOU?


Cute Girl

As you decide on the intentions for your manifesting, take some time to clarify and

define what each term means to you. This includes adjectives too, like more, bigger,

many, enough, substantial, etc.  Once you clarify and define your words, communicate

this to the universe by writing them down in a journal (the act of writing something

down has a similar energetic effect to speaking it aloud).  As time goes by,

adjust them as necessary.

Wrapping It Up


We covered quite a lot of ground on manifesting.  Let’s take a moment to review the important points.


  • To manifest, you need repetitive, focused, and clear thought coupled with a positive and compelling emotional connection (how the thing makes you feel) merged with belief (your acceptance that it is completely possible combined with your trust in the universal laws of manifestation).


  • Intention = thought plus emotion plus belief.

  • Avoid imposing limits.


  • Clarify and define your words.


  • Avoid telling the universe “how” it should bring you something.


  • Become aware of your core beliefs that may limit your success.

  • Practice makes perfect. Success breeds success.


I’ll be offering a class (or two) on the topic of manifesting at some point. There is so

much to talk about with manifesting, and I’m sure everyone has a lot of questions.

We’ll include some exercises to get to the root of things, and we’ll have some practice with visualizing and writing intentions.


In the meantime, let's get gridding!

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