What is a Crystal Grid?

The Definition:  My official definition or description is as follows: “Taking a select number

of crystals (chosen for their particular qualities) and intentionally arranging them in a specific, power-enhancing layout to amplify your intention and actions for a

desired outcome (i.e., help you to manifest the desired outcome).” 


Now if you have read any books about crystal gridding, or been to other websites that discuss it, this definition may seem a tad rigid.  But let me stress to you that if you want

to experience success when gridding for a purpose, then your efforts and actions need
to be a thoughtful and purposeful process, regardless of the people that say “there is

no right or wrong” and “just use your intuition to do whatever".


Let me give you some imagery to explain why:


Let's say you just moved to an area of the country that gets snow. You've never lived somewhere with snow and don't know much about it.

You wake up in the morning, and there is 3 feet of snow on the ground and it’s still

snowing.  You know that in order to get to work, you’ll have to go out there and get the snow off the walkway and driveway.  So you grab a big spoon out of the drawer

and go out and start “shoveling” the snow.  After about an hour, you’ve cleared a space about 2 foot by 2 foot (but remember, it’s still snowing so that snow is filling the hole

back in). You start to think, “This stupid process just doesn’t work”, and you

give up and go back in the house.

snow with spoon.jpg

Now imagine you wake up and there is 3 feet of snow on the ground and it’s still

snowing.  You know that in order to get to work, you’ll have to go out there and get

the snow off the walkway and driveway.  So maybe you think for a moment, then go into

the garage and get a garden shovel and go out and start “shoveling” the snow.  After about an hour, the walkway is clear and maybe a piece of the driveway too.  While you

know you might be a little late for work (this sure is taking a while), your efforts are

certainly paying off (albeit slowly) so you stay with it until the job is done.


Now one more scenario.  Imagine you wake up and there is 3 feet of snow on the

ground and it’s still snowing.  You know that in order to get to work, you’ll have to go

out there and get the snow off the walkway and driveway.  So you call your brother-in-law and he comes over with his snowplow. At the same time, you grab the shovel in the
garage and go to work on the walkway. In about 20 minutes your driveway and walkway

are clear, and you change and head off to work.  Woo hoo!


The point to these scenarios is that the more thoughtful and intentional you are when creating your crystal grid (including choosing the right tools), the more the results will resemble those of the snowplow.  The more random and unintentional your actions

(and tools), the more the result will be like it was with the spoon. 

snow plow.jpg

But unlike the shoveling snow scenarios which relied primarily on the type and size of

the shoveling apparatus, creating a crystal grid that will help you accomplish something

 is based on your understanding of how energy and manifesting works.   

In other words, it’s a bit more complicated than shoveling snow.


The bottom line? You unequivocally have a choice.  You can absolutely take the “no

right or wrong way” approach to crystal gridding if that is what you desire.  


Let’s use the snow scenarios one last time (Really, I promise).  If your goal was to go out

and play in the snow and just enjoy the experience (after all, you've never experienced

snow before), then going out there with the spoon may work perfectly

well and you’d end up happy as a clam. 


But if your goal was to get the driveway and walkway cleared in a reasonable amount

of time so that you could get to work, then using the spoon isn’t compatible with your desired outcome nor will it work with the amount of time you have to accomplish the task.  You’re essentially ignoring some basic laws of physics.

Some might say that this is where their intuition comes; that their intuition will always

lead them to to do the right thing. But intuition isn't magic. It actually stems from your knowledge and experience coupled with the trust you develop over time from your successes.  The more knowledge and experience you have across a variety of areas,
the better your
intuition works. 


So I ask that you remember this; the outcome (your goal) is ALWAYS a direct result of

the actions taken and the laws governing it.  Match those properly and you’ll always

achieve success!

Image by Benjamin Davies

Types of Grids: If you remember from the “Indirect Contact” page in the “Methods” section, we talked about different types of crystal grids.


The ones that I primarily work with and specialize in are also probably the most

well-known. These kinds of grids consist of stones arranged on a wooden, fabric,

or paper design or pattern, although they can simply be laid out directly on a table or

altar, and are typically about 6 inches to 14 inches, but can certainly be smaller or larger than this.


The designs used for the layout are often a sacred geometry pattern (more on this topic

on the following page), although they don’t have to be.  And these types of grids can

be placed anywhere in your home, office or yard, while others are portable

or travel versions. 


There are also crystal nets, which are basically larger crystal grids that can be placed

around a person’s body (usually to enhance meditation or healing), around the inside

or outside perimeter of your home (usually for protection), and ones that can be constructed in your yard for almost any purpose, including protection, infusing an

activity or ritual, enhancing your garden, and the list goes on.

Crystal Grid with Quartz and Other Cryst
A close up image of a crystal energy hea
circle of crystals.jpg

On a later page, we’ll get into the specifics of building crystal grids. But for now,

let’s delve into a brief history of gridding.


History of Crystal Gridding: You may be wondering where the idea of crystal gridding

came from.  Is it pretty modern?  Or did the ancients engage in gridding? 

Here’s a little background.


We know that many ancient civilizations believed in the power of minerals and crystals

in general.  We see evidence of this with the Ancient Sumerians who used crystals in

their magical formulas; in Ancient Egypt and Greece who attributed certain properties

to crystals and so used them in healing, in their burial practices, and as protective amulets; in a variety of religious contexts, such as in Christianity with the breastplate of Aaron the High Priest, as well as in Jainism, Buddhism and Hinduism (to name but a few).


In Europe during the Renaissance a number of medical treatises extolled the virtues

of some stones in the treatment of certain ailments, and many aboriginal cultures have

used crystals in jewelry and idol making for hundreds (if not thousands) of years because they believe the stones hold certain metaphysical properties. 

Image by Karan Nagpal

In the area of “gridding”, again, many people both ancient and more modern are aware

of the grid of energy lines that run around the earth and are variously called ley lines,

Curry-Hartmann lines, the Planetary Grid system and many more (yes, I know these are

not the same thing; but I’m speaking in general terms here of “energy lines” and so

just grouped them together under that heading).  There is one map at least 4,000 years

old (the Piri-reis map) that indicates that during that time, someone (or possibly many people) may have been attempting to map this energy grid of the planet.


As far as combining the ideas of crystals and energy grids into one coherent system

(i.e., crystal gridding), one needs look no further than the many stone megaliths, temples, stone circles, medicine wheels, and even cities, all built on intersecting points or along

the same lines of this planetary energy grid. Well-known monuments such as Stonehenge, the Great Pyramid at Giza, Machu Picchu, the Nazca Lines, and Easter Island are all

part of this mysterious arrangement and alignment of (mostly stone) structures built

on the Earth’s energy grid. This is truly crystal gridding at a massive scope.

Image by Jack B

The good news is that you do not need to have massive stones to engage in successful crystal gridding.  I wrote about the topic of size on the “Selecting the Right Crystal”

page. If you haven’t already read it, now might be a great time to do so.


On the following pages, we’ll get into the specifics of building different types of

crystal grids, as well as the science and universal laws behind sacred geometry


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