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Working with Crystals

On the science page of this website we talked about how crystals are powerful information storage, transmission and amplification systems which can be imprinted and programmed by the human mind. 


A crystal that is not imprinted with an intention will simply be itself. This means it will vibrate at its regular, highly stable vibration, but no more. A crystal knows how to be a crystal.  That’s what it has done for millions of years. And it will continue to do so unless a human intentionally works with it in some way. 

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Please realize that crystals are not so much tools (inanimate objects) as they are partners that can assist us in manifesting many things in our lives including healing, abundance, healthy relationships, and so forth. But you have to make some effort. Without your intention (the “instructions” if you will), the crystal has nothing to amplify. It will vibrate

at its usual frequency, and in so doing, may attract positive energy to you without you

lifting a finger. 

But the energy it brings will be generic, and will most likely come slowly, over time.  Working with crystals (together with intention) can bring about very specific outcomes
and much more quickly.  I like how Anna Fox put it, "Crystals work with you, they don't work for you."


I see this misunderstanding all the time on websites, when talking with people, and when teaching classes on manifestation. Comments such as, “Oh I tried making a crystal grid.  Nothing happened.” Or, “I carried that crystal around for weeks and didn’t feel any different”.  And my favorite, “Manifestation is a bunch of malarkey. It doesn’t work!”

All these people are 100% correct….sort of. Crystals don’t “do” anything without your input and participation. Grids won’t work if you simply set a bunch of rocks on one and
walk away. And manifestation, well….that’s a complicated topic and process (which we’ll get into it later). 

I tell people, “You’re right; if you sit on your sofa bemoaning what you don’t have and
think money is going to fall out of the ceiling into your lap because you spout an affirmation…..then yup…it’s certainly not going to work.” 

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Similarly, crystals will not work miracles for you. If you are subconsciously blocking healing attempts, or don't really hold in your core beliefs that you can be abundant, it's not going to happen regardless of how many crystals you work with. Joan Sotkin on her "Prosperity Place" website put it nicely when she said, "Thinking that Rose Quartz will heal your relationship issues without your having to deal with the emotions behind those issues is fantasy. So is thinking that Aventurine or Emerald will fix your money problems without

your learning how to take care of your money."

Part of the process of working with crystals involves respecting your crystals as the

co-creators they are. Remember the part about crystals having consciousness? Many people who work with crystals refer to them as Crystal Beings, the Stone People, and even Teachers.  For those who meditate or journey, you can communicate with the crystal and it will “tell” you what its primary vibration is for and how to work with it most effectively. 


Now it may seem strange to you to talk about respecting crystals. Again, I refer to the fact that crystals have consciousness. But let’s look at it another way. 


Respect is a first-cousin to gratitude. And gratitude is a heavy-hitter in the arena of manifestation (they say that gratitude is second only to love in the intensity/power of its vibration). Gratitude is like those big magnets at the junk yard that can lift a car, as compared to the magnet on your necklace clasp. Super heavy-hitter.  

crystals and moss with dried flowers in

Developing a respect for all things in your life, animate or inanimate is part of shifting your vibration to be more receptive to the positive things in the universe. YOU become the magnet for more positive energy. You may have heard the saying “Actions speak louder than words.” This is so true if you want to manifest in your life. Don’t just say you’re
grateful for the people and things in your life; don’t just say you have respect for people, animals, and the earth; BE those things. Develop that vibration in yourself. The universe knows when your words are not truthful. Vibrations don’t lie. 


I hope you’re starting to get the bigger picture. Crystals can be a wonderful ally in your life, for many reasons, including helping you to shift your vibration. Take some time to peruse the other pages on the website. And if you have any questions, please drop me a line. 

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