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Gridding - Part II

Preparing the Site

Start with deciding where you will set-up your grid.  Optimally, it should be a place that won’t be disturbed by other people, children, or pets.  But it also should be situated

where you can see it, clean it, and recharge it regularly. You do have flexibility with

location if, for example, you need to put it in a closet-turned-gridding space.

I have a make-shift altar on one of the middle shelves of a bookcase in my office. 

It works perfectly for this purpose.

Next, gather all the items you will need. This includes the grid (if you’re using a physical grid), the crystals, your intention, and anything else you might need such

as incense or sage, a lighter or matches, a candle, paper and pen, and so forth.

Grid prep.jpg

Finally, ensure that you will not be disturbed while constructing your grid.  Interruptions also disturb your focus and can cause anxiety.

Shifting Consciousness

I recommend “clearing” the space with sage or incense. 


If you like, you may light a candle to help set the mood and assist with shifting your consciousness.  If you do this each time you create a grid, the mere act of lighting the candle will shift your consciousness.  

Sit or stand with all the objects before you. Do some form of grounding and centering.
You want to ensure that you release any worries from the day as well as tension or stress from your body and give it to the earth, to the light, or whatever you typically do.

Once you feel relaxed, bring your intention to mind. Say your intention, either out loud
or in your head, and start to imagine what it looks like and feels like to have this thing in your life. If doubt or distraction enters the picture, just ignore them and bring your focus back to how wonderful your life is now with your desire achieved. Don't forget to include feelings of gratitude.

Double multiply exposure portrait of a d

Petitioning the Crystals

When you feel ready, speak to the crystals. This can be out loud (preferable), or in
your mind.

Sidebar: Some of the books I’ve read over the years say to pick the crystals up and hold them to your forehead (or third eye) and “program” them with what you want them to
help with. They call this “programming the crystals”. I have a huge issue with the word “programming”.  I realize this may just be semantics, but the word programming to me

insinuates that the thing you're programming has no consciousness or any choice in

the matter; it's merely a machine. 


I simply wouldn't treat anything I considered conscious like this, especially if it is
something willing to assist me.

Young woman holding many beautiful gemst

Assembling the Grid

Place the grid in the center of the area. You may have to move the crystals to one side. 

Decide if you’re going to start with the outer ring of support stones or with the
focus stone.

Also, if you’re not using a physical grid but simply visualizing the shape in your mind,

you may want to start with the focus stone. Having the center stone as a reference point may make it easier to place all the supporting stones.

There does need to be order to the placing of the stones. The mathematical nature of

the universe indicates that it prefers order. Again, scientist have proven that the universe loves order. It also helps you communicate your commitment to have your intention manifest.  If you're not going to think much about it (or be lazy), why should the universe? For this reason, I would not recommend just randomly placing crystals willy-nilly.

placing focus stone.jpg

Next, place the first row of supporting stones. If you follow a particular spiritual path,

it may dictate that you start, for example, in the north.  If this is the case, you would

place the first stone in the north position and then place each of the other stones

(one at a time) in a clockwise direction. 


If you do not have such constraints, then you can start wherever you like.

Lay the second or outer row following the same method you used in the first row.

In case you’re wondering, it doesn’t matter if your rows line up perfectly or are offset

from one another (like bricks). Certain grids allow for offsetting, such as the Flower of

Life pattern. Others tend to compel you to align the rows, such as with Metatron’s

Cube. Energetically, either works just fine.

If you’re using amplifiers place those once all the rows have been completed. Follow

the same procedure as far as where you start and the direction (clockwise/counterclockwise) you move in.


Once everything is in place, take the activator crystal in your dominant hand and point it straight down at the focus stone staying an inch or two above it. Wait a moment for the
two crystals to link. You may feel this shift in the activator crystal or you may not. Just wait
a few moments and whether or not you feel a difference, move on to the next step.

SLOWLY move the activator from the focus stone to the first stone in the first row (where you began laying the crystals), then move it back to the focus stone. (You drew a kind of flower petal in the air above the stones).

Next, move the activator from the focus stone to the second stone in the first row (the second stone you placed) and back to the focus stone.

Follow this same process with each stone in the first row, always coming back to the

focus stone before moving on to the next stone.

 When you finish with the first row, use the same method with each stone in the second row. Start with the first stone you placed in the second row and move in a clockwise direction.

2nd row.jpg

If you placed amplifiers on your grid follow the same process with each of those crystals.

When finished with the activator crystal, place your hands over the grid and take a few moments to really feel the energy of the grid.  Imagine or visualize it pulsing with a
vibrant and powerful energy. It would help if you could visualize the torus field and feel
it moving in its circular flow pattern. 

(No worries if you’re not there yet).


After a moment or two, speak your full intention out loud to the grid. 

Photo of pretty dreamy old lady white gr

I usually end with a statement such as “So be it” or something indicating the energy is

now set on its path. It sort of defines the end of the activity rather than leaving it hanging

or feeling unfinished.  Again, this is just personal preference.


The process is now complete. If you lit a candle at the beginning you can extinguish it

now. I always take a moment and thank the crystals for their assistance. It is also not necessary though.


Wrapping Up


In order to cover the remaining information and steps, let’s address some of the

common questions I hear about crystal gridding.


Is there anything I need to do to the grid during the time it's "working"?
This is a multi-faceted question with an equal number of answers.  Let’s break this
down a bit more.


  • Generally speaking, you should leave your grid alone to do its job so as not to disturb the energy field. But no worries if the dust is getting deep. Just blow on it or
    brush it off lightly. Just don’t get obsessive with it or fuss with it any more than
    you have to.


  • You should “cleanse” or clear the energy field and recharge the crystals occasionally. Clearing can be accomplished with a bell, tingshas, a drum, a singing bowl, incense, sage, etc. Again, don’t be obsessive, but if your grid is up for 30 days
    or more you should cleanse and recharge it every other week.

Buddhist Cymbals
  • If a crystal gets knocked over it is perfectly fine to pick it up and put it back in
    its place. Unless this is happening frequently (at which point you might want to consider relocating the grid), it will not do any harm.


  • Try to remain consistent in thought and actions with your intention. Actions and thoughts that contradict the intention will reduce or eliminate your efforts.

  • There are some additional actions you can undertake to enhance the power
    of the grid. These include:


-  Carrying a pocket stone or stones that have been charged with your intention.


-  Wearing crystal jewelry that has been charged with your intention.

  • How long do I leave the grid in place?  There’s really no set amount of time.
    Having said that, if you give the grid only a week to do its job you will probably
    be sorely disappointed. 

I tend to leave mine up for at least 30 days, sometimes longer.  It really
depends on the magnitude of the request.  As a rule, the bigger the request
           the longer the grid should stay in place.  


            How do I end/dismantle the grid when it’s time? Great question. 


-    Start by doing some type of a grounding and centering.
Take three slow, deep breaths.


-      Remove the items along the perimeter of the grid if there are any
and put them away.  


-    Next, remove the crystals from their positions on the grid. Thank the crystals for their assistance. 

Milky Quartz Crystal. Soothing Vibration

Clear the crystals using a bell, tingshas, a drum, sage, etc. This can be done after you
put everything else away, however.


-   Put everything away. I usually sage the area after all the tools are put
away in order to clear any residual energy left behind by the grid.


  • Can I have more than one grid going at a time?  Yes.  However, I think you need to read the page about manifesting as well as the above comments on the same.
    The answer to this question really depends on your focus and attention skills.


A Quick Note


It is essential that you both clear and cleanse your crystals when you first bring them
home after purchasing (or receive them in the mail), as well as after any work they

do for you.


You always want to start with clear crystals (ones free of any residual energy) and ones

that are not working on another purpose.

Final Comments

Wow! That was a lot to take in.  No worries. Take your time. Do what you can.

It doesn't have to be perfect. But do practice.

In the beginning of....well pretty much any new endeavor, we just want to "get to it"

and many of us tend to skip things believing they're not really that important. But they

are important. If there's one thing (or three things actually) I've learned from my years

on this planet it's that 1) it truly isn't as easy as it looks (the experts just make it look so), 

2)  people who have been doing something for years are probably smarter than me

(about their craft), and 3) practice makes perfect.  

For those activities that I stuck with and practiced, I became pretty darn good. 

For some of them, I even became a teacher. 

If you really want to get into depth on gridding, I'll be offering a class soon which takes
us deeper into manifesting with grids.  This article really just covered the basics.

Write Me

I would love to hear your experiences with gridding or working with crystals.

Please drop me a line and let me know how things are going for you. 

Blessings Crystal Friends!

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