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Small Velvet Seed of Life Grid

Small Velvet Seed of Life Grid

SKU: GO-1002-FB-VV-12-a

This marvelous Seed of Life grid is made from a Polyester Velvet fabric. This fabric is medium weight and soft.


The photo does not capture how lovely this grid is. The design is done in a matte silver color. The background is a deep black velvet (not the charcoal tint the photo shows).


This grid is a compact size; measuring 8” x 12". The Seed of Life design measures 7 1/4" in diameter.


This would make a good travel grid.

  • Full Description

    All things proceed from the seed. The seed is the beginning…it holds the potential of what a thing might become. All things are possible in the seed. This makes the Seed of Life a powerful tool for unlocking one's true potential/purpose. The Seed of Life design consists of seven interwoven circles. This creates a strong link to our physical chakra system, making it a potent symbol when directed towards the health of our bodies, our auric field and even our mind and emotions (i.e., for healing).  A great symbol for your meditation and/or spirtual practice.


    Note: Fabric grids are often made and painted by hand and the design is affected by the type and quality of the fabric. Therefore, the designs may have missing spaces, uneven sections, or splotches. This is part of the natural charm of the piece and does not affect its purpose or beauty.

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