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Direct Contact

Continuing with the subject of how to work with crystals, this section briefly reviews the

various ways to work with crystals via direct contact with your body. As with the last

section, some of these topics may be covered in more detailed elsewhere on this site

and/or may be expanded upon in a video class.


  • Healing: This is probably the first thing that comes to mind when you think about
    working with crystals by placing them in direct contact with the body. What many
    people do not know, however, is there are a number of different ways or techniques

using crystals to heal the body. 


-  The first method is placing crystals directly over the body’s chakras or energy

centers and simply allowing the body’s energy to entrain, or match the frequency

of the crystals. In this practice you do not need to know anything about energy

healing, such as Reiki, because the crystals are doing all the work. 


This method can be quite effective, especially if done regularly. When you

take into consideration all the busy-ness and stress most people experience 

during a typical day, expecting crystals to have any long-term benefit by only

engaging in this practice infrequently, (for example, once a month), is not



Like meditation or exercise, using crystals to remove blockages, and/or activate

or re-tune/re-balance the body’s chakras needs to be done on a regular basis to

truly have a lasting effect.  

Young woman at crystal healing session i

-  The second method is similar to the first, in that you are placing crystals over the
  chakra centers. In this technique, however, a practitioner would use some type
   of energy healing, such as Reiki, to complement and/or amplify the crystals’


I mention a practitioner here, because, while not impossible, performing energy

healing on oneself (while lying with crystals on your energy centers) can be a

tricky thing. Finding a skilled practitioner who uses this system really makes more

sense. This method can become pretty involved with some practitioners using

multiple stones on each chakra, and in some cases creating entire grids on one

or more of the energy centers.


In other cases, the practitioner may use one kind of crystal to first absorb and/or

break up negative or blocked energy and then switch to stones that re-balance

and reactivate the now-cleared chakra. 

Young man during crystal healing session

-  A third and related method involves an energy healer holding a particular type
    of crystal in their hand as opposed to placing crystals on their client. The crystal
    would amplify the healing energy they use, such as Reiki, and could be used to clear

the client’s energy field and/or each chakras without having to touch the person

(some practitioners specifically practice non-touch healing).  


Most people can employ a version of this method themselves by moving a

crystal slowly through their own energy field (approximately 3 to 6 inches from

their body).  Simply start at your feet and work slowly up and over your head and

down the backside (as best you can reach) until you reach your feet again. 


 Any crystal can be used, although wands and pendulums are particularly

suited to aura cleansing. Technically this would be considered indirect contact

because the crystals are not in direct contact with the body; but I thought it made

more sense to discuss it here.

Alternative medicine, therapist using ge
  • Meditating: There are a few different ways to incorporate crystals into your

meditation practice.  I’ll cover two of them here and follow up with a third in the
“Indirect Contact” section.


-   The first method is to sit and hold a crystal while meditating. Crystals can be 

very helpful to use while meditating especially if you have difficulty maintaining

focus. Because of their highly stable vibration, crystals can aid you in calming

the chatter and jumble of thoughts and pictures in your mind through the

process known as entrainment. Remember, entrainment is when a continually

fluctuating vibration adopts the stable vibration of another object. If you

choose a crystal known for its calming properties, you will experience this effect.


If you choose a crystal with different properties, for example, one that vibrates

with the angelic realm or one that can enhance shamanic journey work, that is

what you will experience during meditation.

meditating with.jpeg

-  The second method is to meditate with a particular crystal to get to know it

better.  During these types of meditations (or journey work), you may receive

impressions or visions that let you know that particular crystal’s gifts as well as if

it prefers that you work with it in a particular way. You can even ask questions

such as, “What is the best way to clean/clear you?” and “Are their other crystals

you work exceptionally well with?"


Regardless of what any book or website tells you, this is the BEST way to get to

know your crystals and learn about their properties or gifts.


  • Jewelry:  Guess what? You’ve probably already been practicing this method all
    of your life. In fact, humans have been wearing jewelry with precious and
    semi-precious stones for eons. According to an amazing jewelry exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, “Adorning oneself (with jewelry) is one

most of the most profound acts we engage in.”


Primarily, this method involves intentionally choosing crystal jewelry for a particular

purpose or outcome rather than just reaching for whatever is in your jewelry box. 

(On the one hand, you’ve chosen the jewelry you own for a reason. On the other

hand, choosing a piece of jewelry with specific intention will greatly enhance its


Little girl admires the accessories in t

The nice thing about wearing jewelry is that it is more mobile than a crystal healing

session, and the vibration of the stone(s) infuses you with energy throughout the

day. In addition, you don’t need pockets in your clothing in which to carry the

stones (I think women, especially, don’t always have pockets) or try to figure out

how to carry one in your bra (seriously, I have not figured this out).  


A few things to consider when choosing to purchase and wear crystal jewelry


-  You don’t need to own 100 or more pieces. A few well-chosen pieces will
just fine.


As with any crystals you work with, aspire to own quality pieces. This does NOT

mean you must spend hundreds of dollars on each piece (oh and there are

people who will try to convince you that you must!) It does mean you should

educate yourself and shop around and find the *highest quality pieces that fit

within your budget.


If you want a particular stone for its qualities, but find that it’s terribly expensive,

consider another stone with similar qualities that is more affordable. For

example, quality lapis lazuli is getting more difficult to find and so is becoming 

more expensive. However, quality sodalite (similar qualities) is more readily

available, and so is more reasonably priced.


*To read more about what I mean by “highest quality pieces”, go to the section

labeled “Selecting the Right Crystal”.


-  Along the same lines, consider the metal that is holding the crystal. Precious

metals (gold, copper and silver) or stainless steel will have no negative impact

and may even enhance the effect. Base metal will not enhance the crystal, and

in some instances can hinder the vibration depending on the actual ingredients.


Tip: Purchase one of those spiral cages (in silver or gold) into which you can

place a crystal or stone. Then you can simply purchase small points, or raw or

tumbled stones to interchange inside the cage. This will allow you to build a

collection of quality loose stones and crystals at a fraction of the cost of finished

jewelry. Just be sure the stone or crystal is large enough that it won’t fall of out

of the cage.

spiral cage.jpg

-  Take into consideration the type of jewelry and not just the crystal:  Meaning, is

it a bracelet, ring, necklace, earrings, etc.? Consider the chakra it will be closest
    to, because the jewelry will interact with the energy of that chakra.


  • Elixirs and Essences: While these two words are often used to mean the same
    thing, they are technically not the same thing. A crystal or gem essence is exactly that;

the essence of a (single) crystal or gem vibration infused or imprinted into water. 

An elixir is a mixture of at least two, and sometimes more, essences.


Elixirs and essences (like crystals themselves) have a fairly long history. We know

that the Chinese used essences and elixirs of jade and cinnabar (which is very toxic

by the way) for longevity. Medieval lapidaries recommended elixirs for various
medicinal purposes (and some popes were known to partake). Ancient Vedic texts     
gave detailed descriptions of the uses of gemstones in preparing elixirs to be taken
    internally. I could go on, but you get the picture. 


There are two commonly accepted ways of preparing an essence; the direct way
            and the indirect way.


-  The direct method involves placing the crystal directly into a glass (should be
   glass, not plastic or ceramic, etc.) of spring or distilled water and placing in
   direct sunlight for a day.


My recommendation, however, is not to use this method.  Too many crystals

contain toxic or potentially toxic ingredients and others may have had chemical

coatings applied to them. In addition, (and as your mother used to tell you), you

simply don’t know where that crystal has been. In today’s world, you just don’t
                 know what could be on the stone.   

Rose quartz and Amethyst Stones to energ

-  The indirect method is the one that I recommend.  It is as equally effective as
   the direct method without the risk.


The indirect method involves placing the crystal in a small, thin glass dish or

container, and then placing that dish into a glass of spring or distilled water.

The glass is then placed in the sun for a day. The crystal will still impart its

vibrational essence into the water; but again, without risk to you.


If you would like to make a large quantity, there are additional steps involving 

bottling the essence in dark glass with brandy or vinegar to prevent the growth

of bacteria, as well as creating a mother essence from which you can create a

stock and then dosage bottles. Whew! I’ll either post a complete set of
                  directions or make a video of the process.

indirect method.jpg

Once created, essences can be taken orally, in water, or under the tongue. They can also be put into bath water. And they can also be put into a spray bottle and used to refresh
a room after an illness, assist with insomnia, and so on.


  • Carrying: We touched on this method briefly in the jewelry section. Carrying stones on your person can be a great alternative to wearing jewelry. Some people don’t or can’t wear jewelry for a variety of reasons including their job, allergies, and so on. 

While this method probably doesn’t require a lot of explanation, let me mention a

few things.


-  The stone or stones should be touching your body if possible, or be in a pocket
   with thin fabric. This is why many women carry stones in their bra. 


If the stones are in a pants pocket, for example, make sure you touch them or
hold them frequently to get the best effect.  Sitting in a suit coat pocket with

multiple layers of fabric might not be the best idea (and that might look weird if you

were to continually touch them).


It’s best not to use stones with sharp edges or that are fragile. You could injure 
   yourself or break the stone in these cases. Tumbled stones and palm stones are

perfect for carrying

Woman's hand holding blue healing crysta

 While I do use the plural “stones” in this section, really one or two stones are more       than enough to carry at any given time.  When carrying stones for a specific reason or desired outcome, it’s best to limit how many vibrations or what I call "opinions" are involved. This means you don't want 7 different stones each with a different specialty all working at the same time. When you do this, the stones tend to interfere with each other rather than harmonizing.  (We’ll talk more about that in the gridding section).  

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