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Indirect Contact

Continuing with the subject of how to work with crystals, this section briefly reviews the various ways to work with crystals in an indirect way; meaning, the crystals don’t touch your body. These methods, do, however, help you in a more direct or personal way

than the methods in the Home and Garden section.


As with the last section, some of these topics may be covered in more detailed

elsewhere on this site and/or may be expanded upon in a video class.


  • Crystal Grids: This is my favorite way to work with crystals, and my specialty
    as well. 
    While this method is considered indirect because the crystals are not placed on your body, let me stress the profound impact crystal gridding can have 
    on your life if done correctly.

A close up image of a crystal energy hea

If you haven’t already read the page “Working with Crystals”, I review there

how people “try” working with grids or other similar methods and are

disappointed that they do not experience much in the way of results. But there’s

a reason for that. There are proper methods that yield results every time
And there are a myriad of ways to grid that do not 
lead to results; or not consistently.


We’ll get into more details about these method(s) in the Crystal Grids section of the website. For now, let me just briefly explain what crystal gridding is.


At its most basic level, crystal gridding is the act of placing stones and crystals

in a pattern or grid to achieve (manifest) a particular outcome (intention).


But the key to successful gridding is “how” you perform the above actions. 


Yes, you can just grab some stones and place them in any order (I see people

say to do this all the time all over the internet). But you will get out of that

action exactly what you put into it; not much thought or effort. The universe has

this funny way of working; it reflects back to us what we put out there. When we

do something half-hearted (notice I used the word “hearted” and not something

else), we get a half-hearted response.

Let me give you a practical example: Let’s say you want to plant a vegetable

garden (to feed your family). Would you take some seeds you found in an

envelope labeled “vegetables” and just scatter them randomly in a 4’ x 6’ square; then never water them; never protect them from the birds or bugs, and never weed them; but then expect to get many vegetables? I doubt it. 

Home Grown Vegetables


Neglected garden with weeds, dry soil an

Then why would you just grab some stones and randomly place them on a surface and walk away and think you’ll harvest anything?


Remember, crystals are not magic. They don’t magically make things appear in

your life. They aid YOU in making things appear in your life. You must be an

active participant. You must provide the direction to their energy output.
You must 
be the conductor to their beautiful music!


More on this in the Crystal Grids section.


  • Crystal Nets:  A crystal net is like a crystal grid, except on a larger scale.  Essentially, it is the placement of crystals in a particular pattern around a person,
    or in some cases, in a large area like a back yard. 


The purpose of the net can be for healing, to enhance meditation or journey

work, or as a blessing to the land or as protection for a garden. This list is

most certainly not all-inclusive. You can create a crystal net for virtually any reason

you can think of including family get-togethers or monthly rituals for example.

circle of crystals.jpg

The patterns used for crystal nets are usually basic shapes such as a circle,

square or triangle, or one of the simpler sacred geometry shapes such as the

dimensional MerKaBa (also known as the Star of David). If you’re creating a

crystal net in a larger open area like the back yard, you can use much more

complicated patterns if you desire.


Structures like Stonehenge and Avebury are examples of well-known crystal nets. 


  • Improving Sleep: I’m amazed by the number of people I know who speak about having sleep disorders. I myself went through a period of a couple of

years where good and restful sleep seemed to evade me. 


Aside from any medical reasons, I believe sleep issues stem from the busy-ness
of our society coupled with the stress we put ourselves under to accomplish,
to have, and to flaunt everything!  Regardless of what causes it, 
issues with getting
to sleep, staying asleep, or simply having truly restful sleep 
are widespread problems.

Image by Arthur Savary

In addition to the more common sense solutions (not eating/drinking too close to

bedtime; not having a computer/TV/office in the bedroom, etc.) it might surprise

you to find that crystals can be enlisted to help with this issue.


Crystals such as Amethyst can be placed under the bed or pillow to help

clear and calm your mind and can even help to ward off nightmares.

Selenite on your night stand can act in a similar way, quelling stress and

agitated emotions and allowing your body and mind to really rest. 

And Smoky Quartz can be enlisted to remove any negative or unwanted

energies (again, think nightmares or stress) including EMF’s and geopathic stress.


  • Ritual or Spell Enhancement: Many people engage in regular, often monthly
    rituals of some type, including spiritual activities (such as holy 
    day observances),
    spell work, drum circle healings, and so forth. Did you
    know that just like using candles or incense, crystals can be used to enhance these practices
    and celebrations as well?


Deciding which crystal or crystals to use depends on the purpose of

your activity.  For example, if you’re observing a holy day and want to connect

with deity, angels, spirit guides and so forth, you could use Celestite, Angelite,

or Selenite (to name a few). If you’re doing spell work of some kind, look to

the purpose of the spell. Align your choice of crystal to that intent to energize it.

Set of many different psychic things on

You can use crystals to create the sacred space for the ritual or activity, place one

on the altar or as a center stone to symbolize earth, as a gift to Deity or nature

or the Ancestors, or to channel universal energy to increase your power.


Truly, you are only limited by your imagination. Think outside the box.

Crystals aren’t just for gridding or for sitting on a shelf looking pretty. They can be extremely useful as tools and partners in a myriad of activities around your home,

in your office and just about anywhere in your life. 


Where will you use your crystal next?

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