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Health/Wellness Grid 10"

Health/Wellness Grid 10"

SKU: GS-1003-10

This amazing grid kit vibrates with the intention of health and wellness.  This is the perfect grid if you're looking to bring your health and/or wellness into a better or more stable state.  However, it would also work well for specific issues. Just be sure to word your intention appropriately to reflect that.


The stones included with this kit are as follows:

Center stone: Clear Quartz

Supporting stones: Green Calcite and Moss Agate


The wooden board is a decorative Seed of Life design. 


See full explanation below.

  • Full Description

    Clear Quartz is considered to be the “Master Healer” since it can address virtually any condition. In addition, it balances and strengthens all the chakras, bringing them back to their natural (perfect) vibration. It is also known as the Power Stone because it amplifies all other energy in its vicinity. This includes the energy of other crystals, your thoughts and intentions, healing tools and processes, and so forth. Its laser focus brings clarity to all situations, magnifying the path to the desired end goal.


    Moss Agate, like most green stones, is known to be a strong healer and is especially supportive to the overall immune system. In addition to helping with physical issues, it also aids us in releasing wounds from the past and radiates a wonderfully peaceful energy that refreshes the soul.


    Calcite is probably best known for its extractive qualities. The ancients believed it could draw pain away from the body, whether emotional, physical or mental. Similarly, you can place Calcite over a blocked chakra and visualize it clearing the blockage. For this grid, we’re using green Calcite since the general healing properties of green stones is so well known. However, feel free to use different colors for different issues (match the color to the closest chakra).


    Note:  Remember, stones and crystals are a product of nature. Inclusions, small nicks and matter within the stone are all normal and do not affect the stone's vibration.

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