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Determination Grid

Determination Grid

SKU: GS-1018-06

This small but powerful grid vibrates with the energy of drive and determination.  Do you feel like you can start new projects, but then struggle to finish them? Does your enthusiasm wane and so then does  your ability to stick with an activity.  Do you feel directionless and like you're not moving forward. Then in you're in the right place.


The stones included with  this grid kit are as follows:

Center stone: A Pyrite pyramid

Supporting stones: Carnelian and Tiger's Eye


The wooden grid is in a Compass design.


See full description below.

  • Full Description

    Pyrite is a stone of vitality, action and will.  It stimulates the creative flow of ideas and concepts and increases your ability to accomplish tasks you set out to do. In the workplace Pyrite encourages leadership qualities and is an ally for managers and those working towards promotion. Pyrite boosts self-esteem and self-confidence.


    Carnelian is the crystal of drive and determination. If you’re having issues with getting things started, keeping things going, or bringing it all to a successful conclusion, Carnelian can provide the energy to do it. Carnelian helps us to stay centered while giving us a boost of confidence when we need it. To say this is the career stone would be a huge understatement.


    This bright and warm Tiger's Eye has a vibrant energy that promotes courage, conviction, determination and leadership. It encourages us to always put our best foot forward and trust in our own abilities. Called the Stone of Confidence, Tiger’s Eye is grounding and energizing at the same time, enhancing our stamina and ability to produce but doing so in a manner that prevents burn-out.


    Note: Remember, stones and crystals are a product of nature. Inclusions, small nicks and matter within the stone are all normal and do not affect the stone's vibration.

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