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SKU: TW-1002-LG-a

This amazing Amethyst tower has a lovely violet hue.  This chunky crystal vibrates with a clear, strong energy that would enhance all your workings.  The bottom on one side does have an angular cut (see in picture) where it was likely joined with another crystal or to the root crystal. But this in no way affects its ability to stand on its base, nor does it hinder the power it generates. 


This tower is approximately 1 7/8" x 1 1/4" x 1".


This piece would work well with most large grids: 10" and above.


See full description below.

  • Full Description

    Amethyst is considered one of the best all-around stones to own. It’s calming and yet uplifting vibration is excellent for meditation and spiritual practices, and its ability to assist with psychic development and intuition is unmatched. There is a quiet, almost mystical serenity within Amethyst that brings grace and peace to those who work with it. It develops within us a sense of our own magical power. As is typical with purple stones, it enhances mental perception and brings things into clear focus, allowing us to view what is really going on (whether in our heads or with external situations) from a loving and compassionate stance.  


    Note: Remember, stones and crystals are a product of nature. Inclusions, small nicks and matter within the stone are all normal and do not affect the stone's vibration.

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