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Compass Grid

Compass Grid

SKU: GO-1007-WD-8-a

This grid board has a marvelous Compass design. It is made from birch wood and has a lovely natural finish. The edges are stained to seal them.


The board is approximately 8" in diameter.


See full description below.

  • Full Description

    At its most basic, the Compass represents finding one's direction. It brings to mind the feeling of being lost, and the relief associated with finally knowing where one is supposed to go, or that one is on the right track. Consequently, the Compass is a good symbol to use to figure out where you should be going or confirmation that you are on the best path. Indirectly, this could also mean helping one to figure out one's life purpose; what they are here to do. Closely related to the Compass are the four directions. The directions speak to us of choices as well as of perspectives. Each direction offers a different, but no less valuable treasure. The solution is to know what it is we really want (or what our purpose is), and then to weigh the options/see the myriad of perspectives in order to choose the path that will bring us to our desired outcome. 

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