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Golden Healer

Golden Healer

SKU: TW-1020-LG-a

This extraordinary Golden Healer tower is big, chunky powerhouse of energy.  One of my favorite crystals, Golden Healer is a fantastic all-purpose crystal as well as a master healer. Since she is a Clear Quartz in her heart of hearts, we can honestly ask, "What can't this crystal do?"  Personally, if I could only have one crystal tower to use for everything, I would opt for a Golden Healer. 


This tower is approximately 2" x 1 5/8" x 1 1/4".


This piece would work best with larger grids:  10" and up.


See full description below.

  • Full Description

    Golden Healer is actually a form of hematoid crystal. But rather than being red as we commonly think of when we hear the word "hematoid", the iron oxide creates a beautiful yellow or golden color. This amazing stone is a high vibrational crystal and master healer, being Clear Quartz at its heart with just the layering of iron oxide vibrating with the energy of a golden ray.  Use this wonderful stone for all your healing needs; especially emotional and spiritual ones. This crystal can connect you to higher realms and the beings who reside there; whether angels or spiritual guides. It can raise your vibration to extremely high levels and acts as a catalyst for profound spiritual activation.  It can useful in finding your true path by shedding its golden light on the right path for you at this time. This crystal can be used to energize and heal all the chakras.  And like Citrine, a Golden Healer crystal can help you to manifest the things you want in life.  Very joyful, "sunny" crystal. 


    Note: Remember, stones and crystals are a product of nature. Inclusions, small nicks and matter within the stone are all normal and do not affect the stone's vibration.

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