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Mandala Grid

Mandala Grid

SKU: GO-1010-WD-10-a

This grid board has a gorgeous Mandala design. It is made from birch wood and has a lovely natural finish. The edges are stained to seal them.


The board is approximately 10" in diameter.


See full description below.


  • Full Description

    The word Mandala means ‘circle’ and is derived from the word ‘mandra’ which means ‘container of essence’. This circle or ‘container of essence’ is said to represent wholeness, health, connection, unity, harmony and the cycle of life. It is also said to symbolize being one with life, going with the flow and reflecting inward. As Carl Jung described, the Mandala is the path to the center, to individuation (i.e., personal identity/cohesive sense of self). It has also been associated with completion. This is a great symbol to work with if you'd like to become more rooted in your spirituality and/or release your dependence on material things/the material world. It is also good for reducing stress and chaos in your life and instilling a sense of peace.

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