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Seed of Life Grid

Seed of Life Grid

SKU: GO-1002-WD-6-a

This grid board has a fabulous Seed of Life design superimposed with a 6-pointed star. It is made from birch wood and has a lovely natural finish. The edges are stained to seal them.


The board is approximately 6" in diameter.


See full description below.

  • Full Description

    All things proceed from the seed. The seed is the beginning…it holds the potential of what a thing might become. All things are possible in the seed. This makes the Seed of Life a powerful tool for unlocking one's true potential/purpose. The Seed of Life design consists of seven interwoven circles. This creates a strong link to our physical chakra system, making it a potent symbol when directed towards the health of our bodies, our auric field and even our mind and emotions (i.e., for healing).  A great symbol for your meditation and/or spirtual practice.

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